Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Warm days, cool nights and hot guys .........these are a few of my favorite things. No, I won't break out into "Sound of Music" soundtrack, but since we have 100 degree weather here I guess I'm looking forward to Fall. I love the leaves changing and the crisp bite in the air. I always want to write more in the Fall.
** Besides, hot guys are never out-of-season :) **

So do you have a favorite time of year to write? Or maybe a certain time of year when you feel more inspired to write?

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Congrats on getting your blog up and running, Jennifer!

    My favorite season is summer (I'm a beach girl), but I agree that Fall is a great time to write--there's such an interesting crackling energy in the air. Maybe it goes back to childhood, and going back to school when the air turned cool. Or maybe it's some age-old "get to work" instinct from harvest time.

    I've heard great things about Rafe's Redemption! Good luck to you on your journey to publication!

  2. Congrats on the new blog, Jen!

    Writing? It's a around-the-clock-anytime-I-can-get-words-on-the-page type of thing for me. And favorite weather? Storms. I love 'em. It's over a hundred around here straight through Labor Day. Fall is a blink of an eye, winter is usually a couple of days in February. Spring lasts a couple of weeks and the rest of the time...it's warm to hot. But the storms make north Texas unpredictable.


  3. Nice blog, Jen. Congrats on getting it up and going.

  4. Jen, Great blog!
    So glad you have it up and running.

    Actually, I always think I'll write more in the summer because I have so much extra time--supposedly. But it doesn't work that way.;)

    Cooler weather is cozy for creating, though.
    Barb Bettis

  5. This looks excellent! I love to write fall, winter, and spring. Summer just doesn't call to me. Too much too do with the kids. :)

  6. Hi Jen,
    What a beautiful blog site! Congrats on getting it up and running. My favorite seasons are summer and fall. I live in Minnesota but adore the heat (thank goodness since it's been in the 90s for three weeks now). I also love storms--one of which we're having right this minute! But fall? Ah, campfires in the backyard, cool-weather picnics, gorgeous leaves and Indian Summer. Those are my favorite times to dream about hot guys. Fun topic! Good luck with your wonderful new blog!

  7. Nice Blog. I would like to write better in the long days of summer, you'd think there would be great stimulation. But I wrote my first book, PULL, in February and March of last year. And for some reason, the sequel was writtenin the same time period this year. Add in the stuff I get done during NaNoWriMo each November and I guess I'm a winter writer. Maybe because I have that whole Seasonal Affectrive Disorder thing, and I use the excuse of having to write to get myself out of bed. Well, at least this long hot summer is beginning to wind down, so maybe I'll get another book accomplished soon.

  8. Great looking blog site, Jennifer!

    The best time for me to write is fall, winter and spring. When it's all quiet and rainy in Victoria there's nothing like getting up, looking out the window, seeing the rain, and saying, "Yes! There's no way I'm going out in that! I'm staying inside all day and write!"

  9. No favorite season for me. I love to write everyday.

  10. Jennifer, the blog looks beautiful! Congrats.

    As to a favorite season, I think fall and winter. My books always (okay, not the erotica hehe) include at least one child. You can't think the fall holidays without children and most of my books take place between Halloween and Christmas. Of course, you can't resist thinking about curling up in front of a fire place with a glass of wine and a hunky hero to share it with.

    With these things in mind, the inspiration just seems to flow the best for me when I'm "in the moment".
    Happy Writing!

  11. Hi, Jen. Congrats on a gorgeous blog and website. Well done!!!

    As far as your question, summer is definitely NOT my time for productive writing nor editing. I'm too distracted by the fun things (life). So, I'm really looking forward to fall--not only for the cooler weather but to hunker down on several projects.

  12. I love writing while drinking a good cup of hot coffee (to cope with that sleep deprivation thing) while a brisk snow tap-taps on the windowpane (we get that sort of icy snow here). Always exciting to see a new blog up. Congratulations.