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Man Candy Monday 2012~

Wow!! The last Monday of 2012! Now you know I couldn't choose just 1 tasty  morsel for such an occasion....Enjoy!  
And Happy New Year!!!

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Friday Fun! Meet author Jocelyn Bell!

Thanks for being here, Jocelyn! Just gotta say how much I really loved this novella. Coop is a hero to die for! :) Best of luck and wishing you tons of sales!

TGIF! First I would like to say thank you to Jennifer Jakes for hosting me on her blog today. I always have a good time when I am here and look forward to getting to know all of her great readers!
I thought I would talk a little about Pen Names, because I was always fascinated with them as a reader and as an aspiring writer, it didn’t make sense that someone would not want to take full credit for their work. Then as an author it suddenly came up and I found some pretty rational and maybe one, tiny little, less rational reason to use pen names! J Here is my quirky story on pen names.
Many authors have pen names and I am sure that everyone has their own special reason. I use them for three reasons. One, because I write more than one genre and I don't want anyone who is a fan of my Contemporary Romances (Kelly Rae) to be offended should they pick up one of my Adult Contemporary Romances (Jocelyn Bell), that includes my dad who only needs to know about the less steamy books!
Second, I chose not to use my married last name, because I didn't want my ex-husband to get a sliver of credit for my words, my work. It sounds less rational as I write it down, but it's the truth! So, I made a deal with my son to put his name all over the place in my Contemporary works, because at nine he was concerned that no one would know that I belonged to him. Super amazing kid, right? RIGHT! I wanted my novels to be all mine, so Kelly Rae it is!  
And thirdly (what an odd word, lol),  I chose to name my alter ego Jocelyn Bell, which is so far removed from my actual name, because she is really another whole side of me. As a writer I can be anything I want, write about anything I want, BE whomever I want. What power?
When I am writing books like, What If... I am the hopeless romantic, mushy, endless love sort of woman. But I cannot sustain this raw, sometimes overwhelming emotion all the time. There are days I am cynical or a real non-believer in happily-ever-after’s and more of a happy for now, sort of girl. On these days, I prefer to write about lust, not love. Or work on romances that are meant to be grand and wonderful, but short-lived.
Not every couple is meant for happily-ever- after. On those occasions Jocelyn Bell gets to come out and play and write novellas like the Voyeur Series, a three-part novella series about finding the person that fits for right now and doesn't focus so much on the forever and ever part. In the first novella Dare Me , a recently divorced Gina finds that her neighbor next door is the perfect escape from thinking about the loser husband who left her for a barista. In Want Me, which came out on December 18th, Angie is trying to avoid good-looking charming men and take her mother's advice to find a mediocre looking man, because they don't cheat. The only problem, her new roommate is fire and sweetness all rolled into one. What's a girl to do...beg him to leave or beg him to stay?
I love getting to be all the sides of myself as I write a new story. In my computer sit at least five different genres of started stories, on some I will write The End and others will just sit. But, either way for the moments that I spent writing a bit on each one, I got to be exactly who I am/was, in that moment. It's some pretty powerful stuff to get to express all of who you are in your work. Sometimes, the characters and stories are nothing of me or my life and all of my imagination, which is just as much fun. I think it must be why there are so many people who want to be actors in this world. It’s fun to be someone else for a while. The opportunity to be all that you are and nothing of who you are at the same time is very intoxicating!
Writing is simply the best!
For those of you who also enjoy a steamier read from time to time, Dare Me is currently available on Amazon, just click here to purchase, or preview if you like. If you stop by and grab a copy today, it’s FREE and there is an excerpt of novella number two, Want Me, in the back. This baby just got a new cover this month and I LOVE it!
Dare Me (Novella) (Voyeur Series)       Want Me (Novella) (Voyeur Series)
If you have already read Dare Me and are ready to step into my next novella click here or on the cover above to preview or purchase Want Me!  Thanks for stopping in today, Happy New Year and New Books to all of you!
Jocelyn Bell

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Friday Fun: Meet author Elke Feuer + Give*Away!

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks so much for having me as your guest today. I'll give away 1 eBook to a lucky commentator! Be sure to leave your email addy!

Thanks, Elke!! 
Tell us about your real life romance?
My husband and I met at the workplace during a training session. Luckily we didn’t work in the same department. He asked me out and the rest shall we say is history. We’ve been married almost four years.
What is your favorite writing conference to attend?
At the moment it’s RWA’s Regional Conference. I went for the first time two years ago, met amazing people, sat in informative sessions, and came back a new writer. I highly recommend it!
If you could time travel would you go forward or backward
Couldn’t I do both? I’d love to travel backward to see how people lived in the Victorian and Medieval times. Forward to see if they finally invent the device to combine my computer, phone, iPod, eReader into one tiny item that fit neatly in my handbag, right next to my car device like the one in Tron Legacy. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?  
Tell us about your latest WIP
It’s called Deadly Bloodlines and what makes it exciting to write is that’s set in where I live in Grand Cayman and is about the daughter of a serial killer. I’m hopeful it will be the first of many set in Cayman. 
What is your favorite time of the year?
Without a doubt, Christmas. I get to spend more time with friends and family than any other time of the year and the weather is nicer in Grand Cayman where I live. The humidity drops and breezes blow cool enough that you can open your window.
How likely are people to end up in your next book?
Very likely. I’m a people watcher and a lot of times something about them jumps out at me and says “write me”. Who am I to say no?

Book Blurb
Restoration architect Josie Fagan takes on a project with lawyer and senator’s son, Patrick Pullman. It’s the perfect match. She needs his endorsement to save her business and he wants to restore his ancestral Chicago home. Love wasn’t part of her plan. Neither was being asked to stay at his home, haunted by ghosts, or discovering she has a claim to his home – which she adores. When she finds out his family may be responsible for her aunt’s disappearance fifty years ago, it’s a race to unearth the truth before she loses not only her business and her heart, but her life.
Patrick can’t deny his attraction to Josie and is willing to take a chance on love since his broken engagement a year earlier. Things become complicated when he learns of their family connection and her claim to the home he loves. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, or that his family is involved in her aunt’s disappearance, so insists they work together. But, when he starts seeing his uncle’s ghost, and threats are made on her life, he’s forced to confront the possibility his family could be responsible.
The ghosts of their aunt and uncle forge a connection through them, but is what they feel love or just the ghosts living out their unfinished lives?
Her breath stopped when she walked into his office.
At home, he’d been imposing with his broad shoulders and confident, arrogant air. In the courtroom, he was known as Calculating Pullman for the way he won cases. Seated behind his large mahogany desk he was a frightening force.
“Please have a seat.” He pointed to a chair in front of his desk.
Her heart dropped. She hoped he wasn’t going to give her a long speech like the ones his father gave. Just give me a straight yes or no, don’t sugar coat it. She sat calmly in the black leather chair, smiled through gritted teeth, and for a moment regretted her blatant confidence when they met.
His fingers played with the onyx paperweight on his desk. “Did you get new clients?”
Her heartbeat raced as she shook her head slowly.
“Good, I want you to do the restoration.” His eyes rose to meet hers.
Oh man! There was a catch, and she wasn’t going to like it.
“I want you stay at the house during the renovations and not take on any other jobs until mine is done.”
“What?” He couldn’t be serious. She searched his face. He was. “Why do I need to stay at the house?”
“I need this project finished on time and that will mean having you close to discuss designs and restoration changes. Living at the house is the best option and also eliminates the risk of theft.” He leaned back in his chair. “Room and board is free. You don’t want to waste money your business needs, do you?”
Damn, he knew about her finances and was going to play hardball. Well, she had no intention of letting him use it against her. She was the best candidate and they both knew it. If she wasn’t, he would’ve hired another company. “I want a flattering personal reference,” she countered.
A cocky grin curved his lips. “Then I want guarantees.”
She held his gaze.
“You’ll get your reference if you meet my six-month deadline, if I’m satisfied with the quality of the work, and if the job comes within budget.” He moved his chair back into the upright position.
“That will not include changes you make to my original estimate or if you select inferior products,” she added quickly.
His smile broadened and a boyish dimple winked at her.
Is he enjoying this?
Damn him, he is!
She didn’t like it one bit. He was taking away the control she wanted, needed, to have.
The excitement she’d felt when he agreed to hire her vanished. The masculine atmosphere that had floated in the air like cheap cologne when she arrived squeezed around her, making her uncomfortable.
“Do we have a deal?”
I love hearing from readers. They can contact with me at:

Where to get the book

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Man Candy Monday!!

Continuing with my salute to the sexy men of Country Music, here's the talented Keith Urban!
What's your favorite Keith song ?


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Fun Post!! A great Christmas Story & Meet author...

Please help me welcome my friend, the very talented RITA GARCIA!
She has a wonderful series out --with a new installment coming in Jan. BUT in the meantime I think you'll enjoy this great Christmas story!
Christmas Future buy link.

Thanks for being here this weekend, Rita!!

1. What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions?
Definitely conflict. My natural inclination is to write stories filled with optimism, and where everyone gets along and never a harsh word spoken. But that, of course, would be the makings of an unrealistic and extremely boring novel. Although, along with my Pollyannaish penchant, I also find a little mischievous pleasure in knowing where my characters go, trouble follows. 

2. Classic Novel you would like to see turned into a movie?

While not classics, I would love to see Lauraine Snelling’s novels, set in the fictional town of Blessing, come alive on the big screen. And I also immensely enjoyed Jan Karon’s Mitford series; her quirky and unusual characters would definitely make an entertaining movie script.

3. If you could time travel would you go forward or backward?
I really had fun writing my Christmas novella, which is set in the future. I loved imagining the progress of technology and how it might change our way of life. And the possibility of off-planet travel was beyond intriguing. But with all the changes and progress, I found it heartwarming that some things, like young love, remained the same. Finding Prince Charming still startles the pulse and ignites daydreams.

4. What is your favorite dessert/food?
God says he will never give us more than we can handle. Sometimes I wonder about this sweet tooth of mine. Cake, cookies, pie or chocolate—I love them all. Ah, but my favorite dessert is a luscious crème brûlée. Perhaps it’s a favorite because my husband and I are usually on vacation when we indulge in this particular delight.
5. Heels or Flats ?

Like most women I have my share of shoes: tennis shoes, strappy sandals, heels and a collection of boots. I must confess, however, I don’t have what some might call a shoe fetish. It’s quite the opposite: my preferred footwear is none. Barefootin’ it is sheer bliss. I love the feel of the soft carpet indoors or the cool green grass outside, but nothing compares with sitting on the beach and pushing my bare toes into warm grains of sand.
6. Tropical or European vacation? 
Blame it on the fact I grew up surfing and frolicking in the ocean—I love the beach. The ocean is one of the many reasons I adore living in Southern California. And Maui with its wonderful beaches is my favorite vacation spot. I’m thinking I need to be in Maui, barefoot on the beach eating a fabulous crème brûlée. **sigh**

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Man Candy Monday!

Any Brad Paisley fans out there?? I think he's so cute in a guy-next-door kind of way!

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Friday Fun! Meet Lily DeWaruile !!

Marriage Laws of Celtic Britain

Cyfarchion! I am very pleased to be here with you today and want to thank Jennifer, first and foremost, for giving me this opportunity to share with you some tidbits about the history of marriage in Celtic times.
As some of you may know, I write Welsh Medieval Romance and have recently published the first of a five-book series, titled Pendyffryn: The Conquerors. In the first book, Invasion, I have used several of the forms of marriage to unite various characters in this book. These laws also play a significant role in my first novel, Traitor’s Daughter. Before I go into any details of my latest novel, here is a brief description of Welsh and Irish laws.
Depending on the country, there are nine laws that governed the marital status of a couple. Many of them are not allowed these days but were acceptable in the early Celtic civilizations. My sources for this information are Melville Richards’s Cyfreithiau Hywel Dda (Laws of Hywel Dda), Peter Berresford Ellis’s book, Celtic Women, and Henrietta Leyser’s Medieval Women. These nine forms are also to be found in the eight types of marriage in Hindu law.
Polygamy was a commonplace occurrence in the earliest, war-torn times: a practicality, to provide for the many widows who otherwise would have starved to death along with their children. A warrior with many wives served the social needs of his tribe by taking responsibility for the families of his dead soldiers. Though polygamy was not acceptable, the practice of marrying a brother’s widow was also common in Judaic society – for the same reasons.
The Celts were known for their vociferous sexual appetites. According to (at least) one Celtic woman, when chastised for her lack of chastity, “Why should we not enjoy the best of men. Roman women comingle with the worst.”
As necessity waned, polygamy in Celtic society disappeared and, with the conversion to Christianity in Celtic countries by the 6th-7th centuries, was no longer acceptable. In Cymru, some monastic Celtic Church clergy continued to marry until the late 12th century. In Ireland, polygamy continued for some time after the conversion to the Christian church.
Marriage in antiquity was predominately a contract merger of property for the establishment of a family and household. Marrying for love was not necessarily unknown, as you will see below.
Hywel Dda codified the marriage laws in Cymru (Wales).
The first degree of marriage was priodas (pree-O-das) – the partnership of a man and woman of equal financial position. This is how Heledd and Garmon are wed (eventually) in Traitor’s Daughter. In this form of marriage, a catalogue of goods is made and shared between the partners for the good of the household. I have also used this form in the marriage of minor characters in Invasion.
2nd form is agwedi (aG-WED-ee). The woman brings a lesser amount or no property to the partnership.
3rd form of marriage is caradas (car-A-das), from the word caru (cahr-ee) to love. In Cymru, this is when a man lives with a woman with her kin’s consent. In Ireland, the third form is when the man has nothing to offer to the wealth of the household. (She must love him very much!) As it happens, this is the foundation of Gwennan’s relationship to Jehan (Invasion).
4th form of marriage in Cymru, deu lysuab (day lees-EE-ab), having no equivalent in Irish marriage law, is the union of two persons related only by the marriage of their respective parents, i.e., stepbrother and stepsister. The word llys (ll [an aspirated l] = llees) refers to a court of law; a legal relationship). In Ireland, the fourth form is lánamnas fir thathigthe (sorry, my limited Gaelic won’t help with this pronunciation) – a man is given permission to live with a woman with her kin’s consent. This is the same as the third form in Cymru.
5th type of marital union is called llathlut goleu (llAHth-leet go-lay) means ‘open connection’ – two people chose to live together openly without the consent of the woman’s kin. Jehan confesses his ‘open connection’ to Gwennan to her father (Invasion).
6th on the Celtic wedding hit parade is llathlut twyll (llATth-leet tOO-eell [aspirated l]). An independent-minded woman allows herself to be abducted by a man or is visited by a man in secret without the knowledge of her kin. (Wait for this one to appear in Redemption, one of the books in the forthcoming series, Pendyffryn: The Inheritors.)
7th is beichogi twyll gwraig lwyn a pherth (bay-CHO[hard CH as in loch]-ee too-eell gur-eyeg loo-een ah phair-th), literally “to impregnate a woman between loins and hedge”. This is a double entendre as llwyn also means hedge and ‘hedge’ is a euphemism for a woman’s reproductive organs. This phrase can also be taken to mean “to make love in the hedgerows”.
8th form, cynnywedi ar liw ac ar oleu (cun-ee-WED-ee ahr loo ahk ahr O-lay), rough literal translation: “to join by color and by light”, a union by abduction of a woman without her consent. (This is saved for Virtue in the forthcoming, Pendyffryn: The Inheritors.)
9th form of marriage is twyll morwyn (tOO-eell MOR-ooeen), leading on from the eighth, a marriage by rape. In Ireland, there was a different ninth form: lánamnas genaige – a union of two insane people. Both the 8th and 9th degrees are employed in Traitor’s Daughter, in an attempt made by Heledd’s cousin.
As you can see, marriage is a fruitful area for background material for Celtic historical romance. My particular interest in Welsh history, language and culture has given me a wealth of ideas to develop and there is always more to find. For instance, did you know that a fundamental principle of Celtic Law was reparation, not punishment? This principle also makes an appearance in Invasion and the second book in this series, Salvation, to be published in January 2013. (Cover Sneak Preview - just for you.)
Once again, thank you for joining me today and especial appreciation to Jennifer for generously offering me a spot in her blogging calendar.

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Spirited Miranda Chadwick, reared in the world of science and logic, sails toward the untamed New World, unprepared for her ship to be attacked by the infamous pirate, Gentleman Jack Blackstone. Later, when she discovers him in Charles Town she is determined to see the insufferable rogue brought to justice.

Captain Jack Blackstone doesn't wish to kidnap the daughter of his business partner in the profitable world of piracy, but he doesn't want a pirate's death at the end of a rope either. So kidnap her he does. It would only be a short fortnight till he could return to his quest of the man who killed his family. But he doesn't reckon with the complications of Miranda's father, his own pirate crew, and the lovely Miranda herself.