Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday Fun! Meet author Jocelyn Bell!

Thanks for being here, Jocelyn! Just gotta say how much I really loved this novella. Coop is a hero to die for! :) Best of luck and wishing you tons of sales!

TGIF! First I would like to say thank you to Jennifer Jakes for hosting me on her blog today. I always have a good time when I am here and look forward to getting to know all of her great readers!
I thought I would talk a little about Pen Names, because I was always fascinated with them as a reader and as an aspiring writer, it didn’t make sense that someone would not want to take full credit for their work. Then as an author it suddenly came up and I found some pretty rational and maybe one, tiny little, less rational reason to use pen names! J Here is my quirky story on pen names.
Many authors have pen names and I am sure that everyone has their own special reason. I use them for three reasons. One, because I write more than one genre and I don't want anyone who is a fan of my Contemporary Romances (Kelly Rae) to be offended should they pick up one of my Adult Contemporary Romances (Jocelyn Bell), that includes my dad who only needs to know about the less steamy books!
Second, I chose not to use my married last name, because I didn't want my ex-husband to get a sliver of credit for my words, my work. It sounds less rational as I write it down, but it's the truth! So, I made a deal with my son to put his name all over the place in my Contemporary works, because at nine he was concerned that no one would know that I belonged to him. Super amazing kid, right? RIGHT! I wanted my novels to be all mine, so Kelly Rae it is!  
And thirdly (what an odd word, lol),  I chose to name my alter ego Jocelyn Bell, which is so far removed from my actual name, because she is really another whole side of me. As a writer I can be anything I want, write about anything I want, BE whomever I want. What power?
When I am writing books like, What If... I am the hopeless romantic, mushy, endless love sort of woman. But I cannot sustain this raw, sometimes overwhelming emotion all the time. There are days I am cynical or a real non-believer in happily-ever-after’s and more of a happy for now, sort of girl. On these days, I prefer to write about lust, not love. Or work on romances that are meant to be grand and wonderful, but short-lived.
Not every couple is meant for happily-ever- after. On those occasions Jocelyn Bell gets to come out and play and write novellas like the Voyeur Series, a three-part novella series about finding the person that fits for right now and doesn't focus so much on the forever and ever part. In the first novella Dare Me , a recently divorced Gina finds that her neighbor next door is the perfect escape from thinking about the loser husband who left her for a barista. In Want Me, which came out on December 18th, Angie is trying to avoid good-looking charming men and take her mother's advice to find a mediocre looking man, because they don't cheat. The only problem, her new roommate is fire and sweetness all rolled into one. What's a girl to do...beg him to leave or beg him to stay?
I love getting to be all the sides of myself as I write a new story. In my computer sit at least five different genres of started stories, on some I will write The End and others will just sit. But, either way for the moments that I spent writing a bit on each one, I got to be exactly who I am/was, in that moment. It's some pretty powerful stuff to get to express all of who you are in your work. Sometimes, the characters and stories are nothing of me or my life and all of my imagination, which is just as much fun. I think it must be why there are so many people who want to be actors in this world. It’s fun to be someone else for a while. The opportunity to be all that you are and nothing of who you are at the same time is very intoxicating!
Writing is simply the best!
For those of you who also enjoy a steamier read from time to time, Dare Me is currently available on Amazon, just click here to purchase, or preview if you like. If you stop by and grab a copy today, it’s FREE and there is an excerpt of novella number two, Want Me, in the back. This baby just got a new cover this month and I LOVE it!
Dare Me (Novella) (Voyeur Series)       Want Me (Novella) (Voyeur Series)
If you have already read Dare Me and are ready to step into my next novella click here or on the cover above to preview or purchase Want Me!  Thanks for stopping in today, Happy New Year and New Books to all of you!
Jocelyn Bell


  1. I loved the book Dare Me and I just purchased Want Me. It will be the perfect read for this cold winter day!

  2. Ginger,

    It's always good to hear that someone enjoyed Dare Me or anything else I wrote. You made my evening! Be careful now, Coop is one intoxicating fella. I have been working very hard to manifest him in my own life! LOL

    Happy Reading!
    xo Jo Bell