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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Spirited Miranda Chadwick, reared in the world of science and logic, sails toward the untamed New World, unprepared for her ship to be attacked by the infamous pirate, Gentleman Jack Blackstone. Later, when she discovers him in Charles Town she is determined to see the insufferable rogue brought to justice.

Captain Jack Blackstone doesn't wish to kidnap the daughter of his business partner in the profitable world of piracy, but he doesn't want a pirate's death at the end of a rope either. So kidnap her he does. It would only be a short fortnight till he could return to his quest of the man who killed his family. But he doesn't reckon with the complications of Miranda's father, his own pirate crew, and the lovely Miranda herself.



  1. Not everyone has a Kindle (raising hand) So these freebies that are offered are not available to the rest of that might enjoy it as well. Not very fair :(

  2. Thanks for the link to Amazon - it's downloading on my Kindle as I'm typing! I've wanted to find out more about this series because my son graduated from The Citadel and I fell in love with Charleston every time we went to visit. I have a feeling I'm going to have to start getting the rest the books in the series!