Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free For All Friday - Meet Author Jenna Howard!

Welcome! Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Jenna Howard :) Jenna writes red-hot reads that I can say is another pleasure -- albeit a naughty one ! Her latest work, SPURRED ON, is available now from The Wild Rose Press
You can find out about all of Jenna's work at her website 

But be sure and come back her to find out a few things about Jenna you may not know;)

Take it away, Jenna!

 1- Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a painful jog over hot coals? 
You know that scene in Aliens when the baby alien erupts from that guy's stomach? Or when Johnny Depp turns into tomato juice in Nightmare on Elm Street? Yeah...that was the road to publication for me.
2- Where is your favorite place to write?

My couch. It's uncomfortable as hell and I should really use my desk. Okay...I should really clean off my desk. I mean that's why I have it...right?
3- What is most challenging for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions?
Plot. Plot. Plot. Isn't that terrible? For a writer to confess her darkest secret is that plotting is her worst nightmare. I'm about to tackle it for the first time in a long time because this new work in progress needs a road map.
4- Tell us about your real life romance?
You know that scene in Aliens when the baby alien erupts from that guy's stomach???

5- Do you have critique partners? 
I don't actually. I need a new one. Mine stopped writing five years ago and she needs to get back to work so I have my critique partner back. It's purely selfish reasons. It has nothing to do with her God given talent to write a fantastic story. 
6- Tell us what's next for you. 
I have a story coming out with Liquid Silver Books...whenever. No release date yet. No artwork either. It's about an NHL goalie who falls for his best friend's older sister. LSB said yes just before Christmas so we're in the beginning bits right now. 
7- Do you use a playlist when writing? 
Not so much a playlist but I'll turn on the itunes, especially if it's a kick ass story. I always feel like I need some kick ass music playing and man...Disturbed is good for that.
Thanks so much for being my guest today, Jenna! Can't wait for your next release:)


  1. I so wish my brain would get into plotting. Sometimes I get lost, but then it hits me and I'm off writing again. With plotting you keep yourself on track!
    Great post Jennifer!

  2. What's a plot? I just type what my characters tell me to. LOL. I hear you on finding a CP. Mine did something very similar. The Alien scene can be used to describe so many of life's events...what's it like getting a root canal? what's it like being pregnant? etc.

  3. I wish I could plot, too. I see a scene in my head and just type away.

    I love how you described her road to publication.:)

    I want to wish you the best with your new release!

  4. Plots can come from anywhere. How about a lady firefighter. I know one in real life and she's amazing. She fights fires, including the big ones in the mountains of Arizona. Can you just picture this!