Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free For All Friday - Meet Author Elizabeth Means!

Hi everyone! Please help me welcome the talented ELIZABETH MEANS here today. She's brought her Victorian Romance - and oh! this one is going to be a great read - DANGEROUS CHARADE.
If like me you can't wait to read the back cover, here's the buy link.
You can also find out more about Elizabeth at her website
But come on back, grab a cup of coffee and get to know Elizabeth a little better;)

Thanks for being here today, Elizabeth.

1-     Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a tiring jog over hot coals?
My road to publication was a bit of both, actually.  The first major piece I wrote was a screenplay.  I entered it in a local competition and it ended up being one of the top five finalists.  I did not win but I met a lot of incredible people (writers) during the experience.   They all had the same advice – if you want to write a movie, write a book.  It’s a lot easier to get published than it is to sell a screenplay and most movies are based on novels anyway.  After numerous queries and rejections, a few requests for partials and a ridiculous amount of money spent on postage to send the screenplay around the country, I took their advice and wrote a book.  That book, Dangerous Charade, releases today!

2-     Where is your favorite place to write?
My favorite place to write is outside on the deck when the weather is good.  It’s surrounded by trees and is a great place to go and shut out the world so I can get into whatever story I’m working on.  If the weather is bad then my second choice is a bookstore or library.  Being surrounded by books is very inspiring.

3-     Do you have critique partners?
Yes.  I belong to two separate writing groups, one that meets weekly very close to where I live and is very laid back and another that meets monthly further away and is much more serious about the business of fiction writing.   I love them both and find everyone in them to be a great inspiration and sounding board.  I highly recommend getting involved with a writers group or finding at least one critique partner.

4-     Favorite romance movie?
That’s really tough, I like a lot of romance movies.  What comes to mind at the moment is Love Actually, it’s a great movie.

5-     What is your favorite time of year?
Sept. 8th to Jan 2nd.  I love fall and the 2nd week of September almost always feels fallish as the temperatures cool a bit and the wind picks up.  This quickly slides into Halloween, my second most favorite holiday.  Then comes the excitement about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  After New Years I’m pretty much done with winter and ready for spring again! 

6-     What was the best advice you were given leading you to getting published?
Never stop writing if it’s what you love to do and never give up.

Dangerous Charade, back cover blurb:

To escape an arranged marriage Gabrielle Broussard flees her home to become an undercover investigator with an elite, all-female investigative agency.  Her first assignment, as governess at Westford castle to investigate the suspicious death of the Countess of Westford, quickly becomes complicated when she finds herself attracted to her number one suspect.
Lord Julian Blackwell is a survivor.  After his father’s bankruptcy, he becomes a self-made man in Victorian England’s booming industrial era.  Trapped into a loveless marriage, he has survived the shock of his wife’s sudden death.  But now he must survive rumors and outright accusations.  Hiring a private agency to investigate and prove his innocence seems like a good idea…until desire threatens to compromise both the case and the life of the investigator.

Dangerous Charade, teaser

“One-two-three... two-two-three… very good.”  Julian held Gabrielle securely about the waist as they moved across the floor in perfect unison.  “You’re a surprisingly quick study.”

She nodded demurely, barely able to concentrate on whatever it was her feet were supposed to be doing. Or not doing. Dancing with Julian was proving to be even more unnerving than she had feared. Having his body but a breath away from hers was far too distracting. He was her number one murder suspect, and she needed to keep her wits about her now more than ever.

“Are you sure you’ve never waltzed before?” he asked.

“Never,” she lied.

He spun them around quickly, catching her off guard, causing her to cling to him tighter. “I believe you’re ready for Rocancourt’s ball. I no longer fear you will trip over both my feet and embarrass us silly.”

She pursed her lips. “I can assure you I would do no such thing, with or without your lessons.”

“You don’t say?”   He furrowed his brow in mock thoughtfulness. “Do you know what I’m thinking, Gabrielle?”

“I cannot begin to imagine, my lord.” She cursed the butterflies in her stomach. The effect he had on her when he breathed her name in that seductive drawl of his was maddening.

He leaned down so his face was beside hers and whispered in her ear. “I think you have a secret.” He felt her body tense. “Oh, yes, I’m onto your little game.”


  1. Great interview! Elizabeth, you sound like a fun author and I loved the teaser. I now have another book to add to my 'want' list!

  2. Elizabeth, what a distinctive cover you have. And I love the story premise. I get the strong feeling your book will be a fun read. I'm wishing you great sales.

  3. I. love. this. excerpt! Great interview ladies.

    Elizabeth- your fave season... here in Oklahoma most of that 'fall' season you like dumps snow on us most eyars. lol We go on the look out from end of Nov to any time before April first. And a few times we got snow after that. Happy release party! I can't wait to read Dangerous Charade.

  4. Love the blurb, love the cover, can't wait to read the book. Good luck with it, Elizabeth. Super post, ladies.

  5. Sounds like a great read! Great interview :) Wishing you all the best with your work Elizabeth.

  6. Such great tension in that excerpt! The internal conflict and hints to him figuring things out make me want to read this one now. All the best!

  7. Elizabeth, I love the cover and the blurb. I read a lot of Victorian set romances, so I'm happy to learn of another good author. Best luck with your career.

  8. Elizabeth wants everyone to know how much she loved your comments and well wishes. But.....Blogger has NOT been playing nice. It won't let her comment:(
    So thanks to you all and thanks to you too, Elizabeth!