Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Release Wednesday + Give*away!

Please help me welcome my friend, the talented JOCELYN BELL! She's got a great surprise for you all!

Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for having me on your blog. Its a pleasure to get the chance to meet your fans and share a little about my writing with them.
I thought it would be fun to talk about Female Main Characters. In my novella, DARE ME, Gina is one of my favorite characters I’ve dreamed up. Even though it was a short story, the character development was no different, for me, than a full-length novel.
Gina is in a huge transitional period when we meet her in DARE ME. Newly divorced, in search of a new career and a little out of sorts, she is stuck in a rather large rut. As gutsy women often do, she takes bold moves. Taking charge of her life, she makes strides to find that new career. With the help of her very sexy neighbor, she discovers a sassy minx inside that she never even knew existed. The development of a shy, self-conscious woman into one with confidence and gumption is my favorite kind of character.
I have never been a damsel in distress sort of person. So, I tend to like women who find their own way. Heroines who slay their own dragons, who feel powerful in their skin, and eventually out of their clothes. Now, this does not mean that we don’t all need a hero to walk beside us, sometimes we even need that hero to encourage and push us to be the best version of ourselves. This is how I would describe Travis, the hot neighbor who helps Gina tap into the sexy and confident women she has been hiding in a demure shell.
To me, the best heroes are the ones that encourage the heroine to be more rather than less of herself. The best heroines are strong, brave, and willing to take a few risks to see what life has to offer.
I would love to hear what you like in your heroines and heroes. As luck would have it for the next two days (4/11-4/12), DARE ME is free on Amazon. So please check it out and enjoy a little sensual romance and fun with Gina and Travis!

Dare Me (Novella 1 – Voyeur Series) by Jocelyn Bell

She lay in the warm water and watched him swing the pickaxe up and down, up and down his muscles flexing tight with each dig. Setting down the ax, he wiped his brow and took a long slow sip of his drink, as she became more and more aroused. He made her pulse race, her mouth was dry, and she was so very thirsty. For just a moment, she even let herself wish him next to her in the tub. She gazed upon him and daydreamed until the water got too cool. Standing up in the tub, she brushed the last of the bubbles from her breasts and was stunned to feel a throbbing between her legs, a pleasure induced ache to be touched and explored. Touching her own body had never felt exciting before.
Gina caressed each nipple tentatively to test the waters of this discovery. As she watched Travis put his tools in his shed, she ran her hands along her body noticing which areas were the most satisfying and despite the chill of the air around her, her body warmed on the inside. Until Travis turned around and she froze.
“Oh my hell.”

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I look forward to reading your comments about Female Main Characters in today’s books. Have an amazing day!
Jocelyn Bell


  1. This book sounds like a great read. I love to see a strong female character, one who can kick ass but also be gentle and accept help when needed..

  2. Thanks for the free book, I already downloaded it. I like strong female leads as they inspire me to be stronger as well.

  3. I could use a short read right now. I liked the excerpt and am on my way to download the book.
    Thanks, Cora Blu

  4. Well, ladies, as my favorite line in the movie, "O, Brother, Where Art Thou" goes..."I'm with you fellas." I, too, am off to get my free download. And in so doing, I'll get to meet a new author: Jocelyn Bell. I'm looking forward to reading something by you. Wishing you great luck!!

  5. Thank you all for the support, it sure means a lot to me. In an odd twist of events, Dare Me, is currently the #1 Free Erotic Photography Book (as of 9:45am PST) the only issue...it's not a photogrpahy book! But then again, neither is the #2 erotic photography book! Odd indeed! LOL

    Something went wrong somewhere. But hey, it's sure nice to see a #1 next to my name all the same. I hope you all enjoy Gina, although I suspect Travis will have more fans, out of the two! ;)

    Jocelyn Bell

  6. Thanks again for being here today, Jocelyn!
    Thanks, ladies, for stopping by.
    Vonnie- my fav line from "Oh, Brother.......: "Damn, we're in a tight spot." Oh...!! Wait!! And: "Get in, boys. We're gonna R-U-N-N-O-F-T."

  7. Oh, Jen, I can see Calvinand I are going to have to watch that movie again tonight. There are so many dumb scenes that make me laugh like the idiot I am.

  8. In my time, we grew up on the damsel in distress stories and had to learn the hard way how to slay our own dragons. That's why stories like these are so great. I've got my kindle fired up and waiting.

  9. My sincere thanks to everyone who went over to Amazon and picked up a copy of Dare Me, both yesterday and today, with your help Gina and Travis were the #1 book in their category for the last two days. I am BEAMING with pride!!