Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fun: Meet author Ramona Butler!

Please help me welcome Ramona Butler and her great new Novel BORDER HEAT!
You can find out more about Ramona at her Website

Thanks so much for being here today, Ramona! I LOVE the cover for BORDER HEAT! Can't wait to read it.
Thanks, Jennifer.

Late Bloomer
I've always claimed to be a "late bloomer" but this borders on the ridiculous. Why?  Because it took me so many years to decide to even reach for that star -- go after my lifelong dream of publication.  Would you believe I began Border Heat before my detour to write six books with a good friend, the first of which made us a Golden Heart finalists on our initial attempt?
No, we didn't win, but our teamwork meshed so well it resulted in four published novels before I decided to fly alone.
My mother always said I had a stubborn streak -- from my father's side of the family, of course.  Still you can't begin to guess how long the romantic adventure, Border Heat, languished half-written in my heart and in my computer.
Five years?   Ten?  Ha Ha Ha!
So, now, at long last, it is with a great deal of pride and satisfaction, that I bring you an brief excerpt from my romantic adventure Border Heat  (published by Champagne Books --) -- the first book to carry my name as author.

Special Agent Jess Hightower, working undercover as a tour guide, knows he’s in trouble as soon as he catches sight of Caroline Cody’s red hair. What is the beautiful babe doing on a senior citizens’ tour of Mexico’s famed Copper Canyon? 

Red haired travel agent Caroline Cody blames a Tarot Death card for her latest assignment: an on-site review and evaluation of a tour tailed specifically for senior citizens, a trip that experiences trouble from the get-go. When her first meeting with tour guide Jess Hightower ends in disaster, she suspects he isn’t an experienced tour leader, but she can’t begin to foresee the danger he represents to the tour group—or to her heart.

A gunshot shattered the silence.  And from out of nowhere, a large form, blacker than the black night, slammed her to the ground, covered her.  Air swooshed from her lungs.  She gasped for breath, twisting, thrashing, fighting the hulk that had landed on top of her.  When her knee struck soft tissue, she was rewarded with a oath, then a hoarse, low-pitched, "For God's sake, stop your squirming.  I'm trying to save your unappreciative hide!"
Stunned by recognition of that husky rumble, she stilled.  "Jess?"  Lord, he was heavy.  Solid muscle.
"Shhh, don't talk."  Words breathed against her temple.
"Get off me, you--"
His callused hand covered her mouth and shut off her words.  She twisted again, writhing, bucking--with no success whatsoever.

Many thanks, Jennifer, for allowing me a spot to brag about this long awaited accomplishment.

--Ramona Butler
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And, for those who might be interested, here is a list of the books I co-authored with Louise Crawford before attempting my solitary flight:

Jaded Hearts

Lonesome Cowboy series
Sabrina Says http://amzn.comHYPERLINK ""/dp/BOO4WSQQ3G
Trouble in 3-D http://amzn.comHYPERLINK ""/dp/HYPERLINK ""BOO4yr549W
Sagebrush Cinderella http://amzn.comHYPERLINK ""/dp/HYPERLINK ""BOO523KDA2

Silver State Wild Romance series
Dance with Destiny   http://amzn.comHYPERLINK ""/dp/HYPERLINK ""BOO4UWPKMC
High Flying Love http://amzn.comHYPERLINK ""/dp/HYPERLINK ""BO4VNVCV8

(All of the above are also available via


  1. Yea, Ramona!

    Great job being stubborn! It definitely paid off. Sooooo happy your *baby* is finally out there.

    Best of luck, my friend!

  2. I'm so excited for your release! It's so exciting when you finally achieve your dream!

    1. Thanks so much, Meggan. You're right, achieving a dream is great for boosting the heart rate. Now, what other mountain can I climb? ha ha

  3. Loved the excerpt. Best of luck with sales on your long awaited baby, Ramona.

  4. Thanks, Jannine. Appreciate your comment so very much. Luck to you, also, on all your writing projects.

  5. Are you taking copies with you on your cruise? Good Luck and enjoy! ~kay

    1. Thanks for asking, CKay, but it's an ebook only, so I'm just taking copies of the colorful, promotional tri-fold with the artwork, 1st chapter excerpt, and all the buy information, plus my website url, etc. Interest in Border Heat by residents of the British Isles would really be nice. But after the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend....
      Well, that's a hard act to follow.

  6. Ramona,
    Sometime life throws a few detours on the road to publication, but the trip is well worth it. Can't wait to find out what new tales your upcoming adventures inspire!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. So many tales in my head, it's difficult to decide which one to concentrate on. How about you? What's your secret to staying focused on one particular story?

  8. Many thanks to Jennifer for allowing me to post on her Fun Friday blog. Good writing to all you authors and hoping to be authors out there. Never give up. --Ramona Butler

  9. I love Ramona's books! They are so well written, and so much fun. Keep sharing your secrets, Ramona. :-)