Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday Fun! Celery, Sex and Other Things ....

I have a weird and raunchy sense of humor. Tell me a dirty joke, I won’t only laugh, I’ll share it with the world!
The Harder series began with Monkeys, Sex and Other Birthday Surprises. It was supposed to be a stand-alone erotic short story, but then Missy’s family started telling me their stories! I figured I’d better listen to the voices in my head so they would shut up.
To get through most things in life, I believe you need a sense of humor. Thank goodness for mine! The second book in the series, Celery, Sex and Other Good Things for the Heart is another comedy about two people taking a chance and trying to get it right. In real life, mistakes happen. People have misunderstandings. Love and sex don’t always go according to plan. This is what I want my characters to do to. Go after what you want, be willing to laugh at yourself, love fiercely, be naughty and have fun! Beware – this book is an erotic experience that will be sure to make you laugh out loud!
On the eve of her sister’s birthday party, Miranda knows her sister will be getting some action from her dream man. After all, Miranda did orchestrate them meeting in person. Jealous, Miranda thinks it’s high time she get some herself, and who better to satisfy her needs than her hot friend, Dan? But she doesn’t like it vanilla, and worries that Dan may be all talk and no action.
Thrilled doesn’t begin to describe Dan’s feelings when he and Miranda finally agree to act on their attraction. He knows she struggles to maintain control of situations, largely due to her unpredictable family who create havoc in her life. He is willing to let her take control in the bedroom, but knows he has to make her see that surrendering to him is what she really needs.
Throw in her interfering family, a surprise visit from her brother and his pet primate, Miranda’s wish to make an ordinary vegetable sexy, and it makes for an evening neither one will soon forget. These lovers discover that love is even better for your heart than celery.
She shrugged and opened the refrigerator, rummaging around inside. “We’re a weird bunch in my family.”
“No shit. Okay, let me get this straight—you’re willing to blow me to A. make your sister jealous, or B. brag to her?”
Glancing at him over the top of the fridge door, her expression one like he’d sprouted two heads. “Blowing you? Presumptuous.” Ducking down again, she opened a drawer. “Damn—I need to get groceries. All I have is celery.” She straightened, waving a stalk of celery, the leaves bobbing from side to side.
“Rabbit food?” he questioned.
“Celery is good for the heart, the digestion, and it helps you feel full so you don’t want to snack.” She closed the fridge and placed one hand on her hip.
Now he looked at her as if she’d grown another head. “Say what?”
She rolled her eyes, and said, “I’ve been trying to lose weight, remember? I’ve added more veggies to my diet.”
He grabbed the piece of celery from her hand, and tapped her nose with the leaves. “You don’t need to diet. You’re perfect just the way you are.” His gaze roved her curvaceous form, his loins tightening in response. Brushing the celery leaves against her cheek, he stared back into her eyes. “Every sexy inch of you.”
She snatched the vegetable out of his hand. “Celery isn’t sexy.” A mischievous light sparkled in her eyes. “Or is it?”
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Kellie Kamryn spends most of her days as a sweet lady working as an occasional chauffeur, part-time cook, half-time maid, arm-chair psychologist, and full-time captain of her crew. In her spare time, she brings out her sassy side using her imagination to write stories and poetry that sweep herself and readers into other worlds. Whether you like it sweet, or hot and steamy, Kellie is sure to write something to melt your heart or your undies! Her vivid story-telling and quirky sense of humor have gained her numerous 5-star reader and reviewer reviews. Multi-talented, she does voice work recording audiobooks, available on Amazon, iTunes, Audible and other retailers. Readers can visit with her at to check out all the books she has to offer, or chat with her on facebook: or twitter


  1. Thanks for featuring me, Jennifer! It really is a fun book :)

  2. I canNOT imagine celery being sexy! I'll have to read this book!

  3. In this book, Pamela, it's an acquired taste, LOL I'm not sure everyone would want to eat it the same way!