Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spotlight On...........

Out of the Darkness - A paranormal vampire romance by Lilly Gayle.

Her research could cure his dark hunger if a covert government agent doesn't get to her first.

And coming 6/3/11

Slightly Tarnished - A Victorian laced with danger.

When a brooding English earl with a SLIGHTLY TARNISHED reputation marries his dead wife’s American cousin to save her from her uncle’s vengeful schemes, the sea captain’s daughter with a taste for adventure sparks desires he thought long dead.


  1. Both of those sound wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lilly. Good luck with sales. I know you're a good writer as well as a nice person, so I wish you great success!

  3. Hi Lilly,
    Just stopping in to tell you how much I enjoyed your trailer for this book! Loved it!

    I wish you the best with your release. It sounds fantastic!

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone. And so sorry I was late getting here. My dad had hip surgery 2 weeks ago followed by complications. But it looks like he's finally on the mend and going home tomorrow. Maybe now I can concentrate!