Thursday, May 19, 2011


While it's true there might be some other Caribbean themed releases today (Love ya, Capt. Jack) I am honored to have award winning Kimberly Killion here with me for her newest release CARIBBEAN SCOT available TODAY!

Thanks so much for sharing your release day with us, Kim. Here, have a glass of champagne and tell us all about you!

Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a tiring jog over hot coals? The latter for sure. It took me 10 years to sign with a NY house, but I met some fabulous people along the way, including my soul sisters. I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything in the world. 
 Where is your favorite place to write? In my comfy recliner with my cat coiled around me feet. 
 What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions? Conflict for certain. I excel at writing love scene, battle scenes, and deep internal turmoil. It’s what I enjoy. I suppose I do write conflict. I just don’t realize it. 
 Do you have critique partners? I used to. A gazillion of them, but I don’t have time to reciprocate anymore. I credit my critique group and the individuals who swapped chapters with me to my publishing success. And those soul sisters I talked about earlier…those were critique partners. Love them! 
 What music are you listening to lately? Oddly enough, I’m really into Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and I’m really digging Rihanna’s newest tune, S & M. But my all time favorite group is Aerosmith. Love me some Steven Tyler!
 Classic Novel you would like to see turned into a movie? THE SECRET by Julie Garwood 
  If you were going to cast the hero of your book, what actor would get the part? Gerard Butler 
 Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes! 
 How likely are people you meet to end up in your next book? VERY likely! Especially if I don’t like them. I maim, torture, and kill A LOT of my characters. *vwg* 
 If you could time travel would you go forward or backward? Backward for certain. I would want to live in 15th century Scotland, but I would want to be wealthy because I would need my own bathhouse. :) 
What was the best advice you were given leading you to getting published? Persistence is key 
 If you could switch places with one of your characters would you? Abso-freakin-lutely! I would switch place with every heroine I’ve ever written!
 What is your favorite dessert/food? Chocolate anything. I’m also fond of cheesecake…so chocolate cheesecake. No wait, make that triple chocolate cheesecake with pecans and caramel. *sigh*
Favorite romance movie? Legends of the Fall 
 Favorite actor/actress/both? Gerard Butler, Gerard Butler, and ummm…who’s that hot actor with the accent? Oh, Gerard Butler! *Hmmm. Starting to see a trend with Gerard* ;)
 Favorite song/singer? Pour Some Sugar on Me is a classic. I’m also a fan of Dude Looks Like a Lady.
 What is your favorite writing conference to attend? I dig the M&M conference. Those women rock, but I’m looking forward to Lori Foster this year and RomCon and Romanticon and, of course, RWA in NY! 
 What is your favorite time of year? Spring when everything is new and starting over.
 Tropical or European vacation? European *And I bet if I asked who could be your guide you'd say. . .going out on a limb here . . .Gerard Butler?* LOL
 Tell us a little about your next release.
CARIBBEAN SCOT comes out May 20th. Here’s the blurb.


Forced to flee Scotland and forfeit the chieftainship of his 
clan, renegade Reid MacGregor prospers as a fortune hunter 
in the rich waters of the Caribbean. But there are two treasures 
he has yet to claim—the lost library of an ancient Mayan 
priestess and the wild lass he left behind.
Mary-Robena Wallace is a member of the rebellious MacGregor 
clan and a warrior in her own right. Desperate to free her clan 
from the cruelty of their king, she raids the borders alongside 
her kinsmen...until the devilishly handsome man from her past 
returns with an offer she’s hard-pressed to refuse.
Reid promises gold in exchange for her expertise as a cave diver 
to locate a treasure in the Caribbean—but they both know he’s 
after something more. They strike a deal to save her clan, but 
the fruits of an exotic paradise and the sinful kiss of a traitorous 
rogue force her to choose between returning to Scotland, or 
surrendering to the Caribbean Scot.
"A sexy, suspenseful story with
great plotting
and lots of witty dialogue. A winner!"
—Toni LoTempio, Reviewer, Night Owl Reviews,
Author of Raven’s Kiss & 
No Rest for the Wicca

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  1. Whoot!!! I have a new book out!!!!

    Thanks Jennifer for helping me pimp it out!

  2. This looks like a great read! I'll have to check it out.

  3. Congratulations on getting this book published. I'm sure it's as riveting as your others.

  4. Kim, *Especially if I don’t like them. I maim, torture, and kill A LOT of my characters. *vwg*

    You are hoot! I need to be wearing depends when you talk. I sent two of my writing friends (one is my critique partner) a shirt from

    It says 'Careful,or you'll end up in my novel'
    I think you need this shirt! LOL Love ya babe.
    Congrats on the release.

  5. Congrats on your new book, Kim. It's looks great. Can't wait to read it.

    BTW. Love the new photo on your website!

  6. Hi Kim,

    The new book sounds super, and the cover -- luscious :) I'm looking forward to reading Reid and Mary-Robina's story.

    Good Luck with it.