Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free For All Friday - Character Meet and Greet!

I've got something special for you today!! Today I'm doing my first character interview with CALEB and LILY from Lynne Roberts story, CREATIVE LICENSE!

Can I tell you how much I love this book?? It's a reunion story at it's best. I read it straight through and immediately wanted to re-read it!
The ending has the coolest twist and the love scenes are.......
Oh, shhhh. Caleb and Lily are coming in the door.

Welcome guys! Come on in and sit down. I'm so happy Lynne was able to arrange this interview.

We're glad to be here. 

Great! Are you ready to begin?

Yes. Ready as we'll ever be. (laughs) 

OK, *wiggles eyebrows* Lily, what is the naughtiest thing Caleb ever said to you? "Holy crap you don’t start out easy do you? Honestly, the naughtiest is probably what he’s going to say to me next."

Since you two had a quickie wedding in Vegas, where would you say
is the perfect honeymoon spot? Lily? Caleb?
(In unison) “Monterrey, California.” Lily laughs. “One day we’ll make it to Paris so we can visit the Louvre together, but honestly, any where, and every day with Caleb is a honeymoon.
Caleb kisses Lily on the head. “Oh, that’s so sweet, honey.” His eyes twinkle. “She’s saying I’m a horndog.”
(Lily playfully smacks Caleb on the stomach.)

Caleb, what first attracted you to Lily?
“Have you seen her?” Caleb chuckles. “Her eyes, hands down. There was something so deep in her eyes. I wanted to get to know it.
Lily, same question.
“He was funny.  Made me laugh. But no, if I’m going to be honest, I’d say there was this magnetic attraction. I was immediately comfortable with him. I could be myself. Scared the hell out of me.”
“Yeah. That, too,” Caleb agrees.
Come on now Caleb and fess up -- did you mistakenly file the divorce papers on purpose?“No I swear,” holds his hands up in mock surrender. “Lily was there, we signed them and handed them over to this little guy with glasses.”
Lily shrugs and smiles. “He’s right.”
Lily, what does Caleb give you no one ever has before. (not material things) Myself. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.
Caleb, please answer the same question. Lily gives me a home. She’s the missing part of me.
Caleb, honestly now, how intimidated were you when you found out Lily was "from money"?
Did you think you even stood a whisper of a chance at a life with her?
I didn’t know she was from money until she started raving about what her family would thing. By that time I’d already fallen head over heels and we were married. I was more intimidated when I saw her again in San Francisco because I already knew she thought I wasn’t good enough for her. So the answer to that second question would be no.
Lily squeezes Caleb’s hand. “Everyone can be stupid from time to time, even me.”

Caleb, what do you find sexiest about Lily? Sweetheart, the question would be easier to answer if you asked what don’t I find sexy about Lily. But I will tell you this. I love the way she nibbles on her lip when she’s thinking.
Lily, please answer the same question.
Well, the answer changes from day to day, but I’d say his passion when he’s working. Makes me want to strip off his clothes and pull a Monique.”
“Well, what’s stopping you darlin’?” Caleb stares at Lily and raises a single eyebrow.
Caleb, during the story you mentioned wanting to paint Lily - have you? If so, please describe
the painting.
“Nope. She won’t let me.”
“It’s not that I won’t let him. I love the lily he painted. I don’t need another painting to show me how he feels.”
“Now she has let me use her as a canvass from time to time.”
“Caleb, that wasn’t the question,” Lily interrupts.
“Isn’t she cute when she blushes?”

Is there anything else the two of you would like to tell our readers?
Lily clears her throat. “Follow your heart. Friends and family love you, but they don’t always understand. I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life just being in the same room with man and I almost gave it up because of other people’s opinions.
“How do I follow that?” Caleb teases, but wraps his arm around Lily. “When you want something, go for it. Don’t let fear slow you down. A life of what if is no life at all.’

You guys are making me tear-up. I was cheering for you the entire time :) 
Please tell Lynne hello and again, thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. Great interview, Jennifer.
    Caleb and Lily, you're obviously meant to be together, but going through all your problems undoubtedly made you realize how deep and lasting your feelings really are. Caleb, love your last thought: "A life of 'what if' is no life at all." We can all take that to heart!!!

    Good luck you two. Here's to a Happy Ever After.

  2. Great interview and the book is awesome. I highly recommend it.

  3. Jenn,

    Awesome job interviewing! The book looks totally interesting and certainly hot! Might have to grab this one!


  4. Hi Everyone! I'm standing in for Caleb and Lily today as they're busy, but if you have questions, fire away! ; )

    Sorry I'm late. I had Muffins with Mom this morning and then I work at the school on Fridays!


    Thank you so much for stopping by. Caleb and Lily do belong together!

    Hi Harlie Reader! All the credit for the interview goes to Jennifer, Caleb and Lily. It was fun! I'm glad you liked the book!

    Hi Wackycajun (love that name) Thank you for stopping by! If you read the book, please let me know what you think!

    I'll be peeking back in so if you have a question for me, Caleb or Lily, please ask!

  5. My question to Caleb is do you have any regrets?

  6. Question for Lynne, when your next release?

  7. Hi Lynne! Thanks so much for letting Caleb and Lily be interviewed! We had a lot of fun.
    And again, I highly recommend this story! It's a great feel-good read:)

  8. Hi Harlie,

    This is from Caleb:

    Regrets? Not when I end up with the love of my life in my arms.

    And from me. I actually just finished the copy edits on a fantasy book that will be released under my real name later this year. HOOKING UP, published by The Wilder Rose Press, came out a month after CREATIVE LICENSE and I'm finishing up the edits on a book that I'll sub early this summer after I get back from my honeymoon. : )

    I hope that answered your questions. : )

    Thank you again Jennifer!

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