Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friday Free For All - Meet Author Lilly Gayle!

Help me welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, the talented LILLY GAYLE! She's brought SLIGHTLY TARNISHED, her wonderful Regency novel.
You can learn all about Lilly and her books at or visit her blog at  
Lilly, thanks so much for being here today!

1- Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a tiring jog over hot coals?
I’m going to go with hot coals! I started writing in 1995 when my husband bought our first computer and told me to stop dreaming and start writing. My first attempt at writing was children’s stories. But I realized I loved reading romance novels and should write what I know. I completed my first manuscript in 1997 and it was so horrible, it will never see the light of day. In fact, even if I wanted to share it couldn’t. It was saved on a seven inch floppy in Lotus Works. Lol!. I’ve learned a lot since those days, but they’ve been hard and often expensive lessons. I’ve had two bogus, thieving agents. One legit agent that didn’t work out. And one near miss at publication before finally hooking up with The Wild Rose Press. And now, I have two books in print, Out of the Darkness, a paranormal romance, and Slightly Tarnished, which is my newly released historical. And I have a second historical, Wholesale Husband, set to release on 9/28/11.

2- Do you have critique partners?
I have two fabulous critique partners. Amy Corwin who also writes paranormal and historicals and Andris Bear who writes urban fantasy/paranormal. Amy has several books in print, including Vampire Protector, I Bid One American, Bricklayer’s Helper, and The Vital Principal. Andris is in the process of completing her first manuscript, which I must say, is really good.

3- What music are you listening to lately?
I love classic rock, grunge rock, alternative rock, top 40, and NEW country. And While Bon Jovi is probably my all-time favorite, I’m kind of digging Bruno Mars at the moment.

4- Tell us about your real life romance.
I’ve been married to my husband, John (aka Johnny) for 31 years. We met in a bar and it was love at first sight. We dated the next night and then the week after that, I didn’t come home from college. I had a date with a guy at school that I’d already committed to, but after that weekend, I never went out with anyone else. We met on 1/26/1979. He proposed on 9/7/1979. And we were married on 6/7/80. When I met him, I knew he was the one because he made me laugh. And he had the thickest, darkest hair and most incredible blue eyes I’d ever seen. His eyes are still blue, but his hair is mostly white and silver.

5- Classic Novel you would like to see turned into a movie?
It already was. I love the newest version of The Count of Monte Cristo. I think Jim Caviezel is doll. Probably because of that thick dark hair and those gorgeous blue eyes. Lol!

6- If you were going to cast the hero of your book, what actor would get the part?
I think Jim Caviezel would make the perfect Chad!
Yowza, he's a hottie! I can see why you picked him:)


  1. Love your personal romance. Stories like that just make my heart swell! :) :) Awe!!

  2. Thanks Aimee. When my daughters were little, I told them to marry a man who could make them laugh because looks fade and the rich can go broke, but laughter will warm the heart even when you're old. My husband still makes me laugh. My dad still makes my mom laugh, even after 55 years of marriage, and in 2006, my oldest married a smart, caring, intelligent soldier--who can make her laugh!

  3. Nice to meet you Lilly! Great interview you two :)

  4. Thanks again for being here today, Lilly! I too loved your personal love story:) My hubby's hair is more gray than black now too, but in my heart I still see the tall, dark, handsome man who made me swoon! LOL

  5. Really nice interview, ladies! Lilly, I love Regencies and I'm looking forward to reading yours. I agree about the new Count of Monte Cristo--Jim Caviezel is...nice :)

  6. I agree that Jim Caviezel would make the perfect Chad!
    We both have amazing loves. Nothing like your true love. And all your books are fantastic! Keep writing so I can keep reading such amazing books, and you are a special cousin and friend!

  7. Thanks for having me Jennifer. And thanks Barbara and Becky for stopping by. Sorry for the late post but my husband and I went to the beach for the weekend. The water was rough. The weather was fabulous. And I'm a little sunburned. :-(