Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Reads and Giveaway!

Please help me welcome my friend and RWA Chapter Mate, Megan Kelly. She's brought her brand new -- and I mean so new you'll have to go to her website this week to get the BUY Link - SANTA DEAR!  
Here is Megan's website. Please check back tomorrow if you're not the lucky winner. http://www.megankellybooks.com

Thanks for being here today, Megan. This sounds like a great read!

Trish needs a man--but ONLY to play Santa for her five-year-old son.
Sam wants to build a family, but not with a woman after his money.
Tyler just wants a bike.
Does Santa have enough magic to fulfill the wishes of these three people?

Trish Howell finds a letter to Santa Claus from her five-year-old son, Tyler.  In it, Tyler mentions that Santa might "just be a story," like his dad, who passed away when Ty was one.  The doubt breaks Trish's heart but steels her resolve to reassure her son.  She'll hire a man to play Santa.  It will be neat and tidy, with no strings--unlike those her husband used in his manipulation of her time after time.  She's not looking to repeat that experience.
Sam Carrow is taking a break from his successful construction business to rehab a house for resale.  Meanwhile, he's living with his friends, Bart and Jenny, to escape the plaster dust and enjoy a family holiday, even though it's not his family.  He can't refuse to play Santa for Tyler, but Sam has no intention of getting mixed up with Trish, who admits she'd like a rich husband.  He's been burned by ambitious career women in his past, including his mom and almost-fiancee.  No way is he getting mixed up with another.
Trish's mother-in-law is threatening a custody battle over Tyler.  Trish has to be careful to give her no reason to charge her with being an unfit parent.  Fortunately, her business is supporting them well enough, and there's no man in her life to compromise her reputation.  Especially not the man using her friend Jenny as a housemaid, cook, laundress, and cleaning lady..
Santa has his hands full with this bunch.

"She doesn't need just the rich part, Sam. She needs someone to take care of her for a change. She's a really nice woman, if you'd just give her a chance."
"I'm not in the market for a gold-digger."
Laying a hand on his forearm, Jenny met his gaze and held it. "Not all women are like Sherry."
An image of his ex-girlfriend came unbidden to his mind. Sleek. Beautiful. Cold. Living together suited Sherry. She liked being seen at the places he'd taken her. Until he'd proposed.
She'd refused, stating that planning a wedding would sidetrack her from getting ahead in the corporation. She'd have been satisfied with continuing her relationship as it stood, but she needed to concentrate on her career.
Sam had declined and moved to Cloverdale.
He wouldn't get mixed up with another woman who put her career before her family, no matter if she was Jenny's best friend. His mother and Sherry had been lessons enough. He would find the ideal woman someday, but it wasn't Trish Howell.
"Tell her to look elsewhere for Santa and for a husband."

In unpublished form, this book won the GRW Maggie Award of Excellence.  This is my first self-published work, although I have four Harlequin Americans in digital form also. 
Website: www.megankellybooks.com


  1. Thanks for having me, Jen. I love your site, and I hope readers will check out the buy links once I get them to post. Happy Holidays to All.

  2. Wouldn't mind reading this one! Loved Stand In Mom, Megan and it was so nice to meet you in Georgia! All the best with this book :)

  3. Thanks so much for being here today, Megan! :)

  4. Hi, Kellie. Thanks for your comment about Stand-In Mom. It's my favorite Harlequin release, so far. :wink: Santa Dear is the "book of my heart" I wanted readers to have access to. Hope you like it, and thanks for coming by.

  5. WOO HOO It's for sale at Amazon!! http://www.amazon.com/Santa-Dear-ebook/dp/B006LSLXOC/ref=sr_1_9?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1323888317&sr=1-9

  6. Ooh! Pick me!
    Wait- this isn't the one I already won is it? It's the other one I really, really want? Well, pick me and if I have it I'll let you know! If it's an ebook- I don't have it yet.

  7. No promises, Calisa, but this is the first Santa Dear has been available. I had a pic of the cover when I blogged here in Sept. for Stand-In Mom.
    Nice to know you like my books. :)

  8. Ah, Megan, I love a sappy holiday book. Must be why I still cry over "It's a Wonderful Life"! Congrats on getting it out.

  9. Thanks, AJ. Good to know I'm not the only one crying during that movie. All his friends come to help, no questions asked. It's a testament to his impact on the town. Have a good holiday.

  10. Megan - Congrats on the book. You had me at Tyler wanting a bike for Christmas. Here's hoping all their (and your) wishes come true this holiday season.

  11. Lynn, I have to say, Tyler is a cute kid. I thought about putting him on the cover, but the almost-kiss grabbed me. Kim at HotDamnDesigns did a great job with the design. Thanks for coming by. Hope your holiday is Joy-filled.

  12. Santa's going to be extra busy getting this group to work together. Sounds like a great read! Holiday Blessings ~ Angela

  13. I love Christmas stories and this one sounds great!

  14. This looks like a very interesting book, Megan. I have to go over to your web site to check it out.

  15. Thanks, Angela. I'm sure Santa can pull it off.
    Hi, PL. I have a weakness for Christmas stories too. Every year I buy the anthologies of short romances put out, no matter the historical period or contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, paranormal aspects.
    Ilona, I hope you like it.

    I appreciate everyone's coming by.