Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Reads and Giveaway!!

Happy holidays, everyone! I'm continuing the December fun. Today my guest is LAURA BROWNING. (Check out the cover!!!) Please leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for an e-copy of SANTA'S HELPER.

Now, help me welcome, Laura -

Are you ready for Christmas? I think my teenager has been ready since birth. Combine the proximity of Christmas with the end of exams and the break from school, and his excitement’s reached darn near torturous levels. Torturous for me. I finally told him if I heard one more word about how I need to wrap gifts and not leave it until the last minute I would return all of his, so there would be no need to wrap gifts. I am the Grinch. He is Cindy Lou Who.
Now I only have to listen to the countdown to school being out. Sigh.
I need some help from the heroine of my newest Wild Rose Press release, Santa’s Helper. Merry has plenty of Christmas spirit. In fact, she works part time as an elf at the local mall. That’s where she meets Jack, the unlucky sucker who lost a bet with his employees and now has to ring the bell out front.

Here’s an excerpt from Santa’s Helper:
 Merry sipped her coffee and angled her head at him. “You know, the first night I saw you, you didn’t look like the bell ringer type. And even though you’ve changed out of the fancy clothes, you still don’t look the type. How did you end up doing it…and doing it every night?”

Jack laughed. “I lost a bet with my employees and had to take over all their shifts.”

He watched in fascination as color stained her creamy cheeks. “Well, I’m glad. I’ve liked being able to bring you coffee and getting to know you.”

“I have another week, Merry.”

Her eyes widened. Was that hope he saw there? Gladness? “You do?”

He nodded before touching the delicate skin inside her wrist. “I want to kiss you. Will you let me?”
He watched her hesitate, and then she nodded. He smiled and scooped the last bit of brownie and ice
cream. “Here. It’s yours.” Her eyes held his as she slid the sweet from the spoon. Jack dropped the spoon into the bowl. “Let’s go,” he growled.
Watch it, Merry. Jack’s got a whole lot more than kisses on his mind…lol.

You can purchase Santa’s Helper from The Wild Rose Press. It’s also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also visit me at my website www.laurabrowningbooks.com or my blog www.laurabrowningbooks.blogspot.com.

Thanks so much for the chance to visit today. If anyone has a surefire way to ramp up the Christmas spirit, I’d sure like to hear it!


  1. LOL Laura, I'd love to give you some sage advice on capturing that Christmas spirit, but sadly, I'm more Grinch than Cindy Lou. As a mother of two grown men, I don't have anyone pestering me to get the wrapping done, and in fact, just put up the tree this morning. But, my two little Cindy Lou G'babies will be by later. If the chaos of gift shaking and ornament rearranging doesn't get me into the spirit, nothing will.

    Love that cover, by the way. It's perfect!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Laura~

    I, too, am lacking in holiday spirit these days. sigh. Maybe the cure is to curl up with a good book, like Santa's Helper. ;)

    Best of luck with your sales and a Merry Christmas to all!

  3. I'm just getting into the holiday spirit, and the panic ;)

    They haven't sent the gift for my girl yet. And I ordered it two month ago, yes the said they will chip it in week 51, but that's half through - panic.

    Merry Christmas to all

  4. Laura,
    This is sooo on my list to read in the next few days. It is loaded on my iPad, just waiting for me to be down at my in-laws needing a break from "people". Love the family, but I love my kid free time too. (Hubs and I have dogs)

    I have NO wrapping done. No Cookies baked and I am having a hard time getting in the mood. Hubs is down to working 10 hours a week... GRUMP!

    I have even tried listening to Jimmy Buffets Christmas, but I think I may just need RUM to get in the spirit.

  5. Ooh...like the idea of the rum. Thinking mojito and Christmas music after school lets out!

  6. We put up a tree for the first time since we moved five years ago. I love watching the blue/white lights.

    Taking a week off and planning on plowing through my TBR pile. Now that's Christmas.

  7. welli had to take my dog yea the kid to the store and get him another toy he want my bears i gt for xmas and told him he cant have mine but the out side is done and the tree is up even though me and king are here alone for the hliday
    desi the blonde@msn.com

  8. And the winner is.....Mac Crowne! Laura will contact you with your free e-copy. Congrats:)