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New Release Wednesday!!

Please help me welcome one of my dear friends, LORI LEGER!

I've got guest author Lori Leger on my blog today. She's got four of the most heartfelt contemporary romances published from her La Fleur de Love series, all set in southern Louisiana. The last time she was with us, she discussed the first and second books in the series, Some Day Somebody and Last First Kiss. This time she's going to discuss her other books in the series, Hart's Desire and Brown Eyed Girl. You can learn more about Lori at Or Leave a comment for a chance of 1 copy of the e-book of your choice.!!

Good morning, Lori.

Lori: Good morning Jennifer.

Jen: I see you've brought someone along with you, (you say, batting your lashes at the tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed piece of man-candy standing beside Lori.)

Lori: Yes, I've brought the male protagonist from Last First Kiss, Mr. Jackson Broussard.

Jen: Nice to meet you Jackson.

JB: Same here, Jenn. Lori's told us wonderful things about you and the rest of her Ass Cheek Angel friends.

Jen: *chuckles* Oh, we love our little group. *Clears her throat* Ahem, now why did you decide to accompany Lori today, Mr. Broussard.

JB: *Smiles* Mr. Broussard is my uncle, please call me Jackson.

Jen: *blushing* Okay then...Jackson..
JB: Well, Jennifer, Lori was rather upset one day about a reader's review and her comments about me. I was willing to let it go, but she insisted I have my turn at the podium, so to speak.

Jen:, we all heard about that...alot. *grins over at Lori, who's surreptitiously checking her phone messages.*

Lori: *Looks up from her phone* What's that? Did you ask me something?

Jen: at go on about your business while I talk to Jackson.
So, Jackson, what do you think about the reader's accusation that you were cold at the scene of the accident that took your wife and your best friend's life?

JB: Well, I had a concussion, and was in shock from seeing what was left of my wife of fifteen years lying dead and mutilated on the highway.

Jen: *Tearing up* That must have been just awful for you.
JB: I'm not gonna sugar coat it, Jennifer…the sounds, the smells…it was terrible. At some point I remembered that Toby and Giselle had been just in front of us and all I could think about was that their two little girls would be alone if they didn’t make it. I lost both my parents just before my fifth birthday and I can still remember how devastated I was.

Jen: But you had your uncle to take care of you.

JB: Yes, thank God for Uncle Bill. Anyway, when I found Toby and Giselle and realized he was gone, all I could think about was getting Giselle some help so her girls wouldn't be alone. Toby was a great guy...a great friend. I didn't realize until much later that he knew how bad I had it at home with Chloe.

Jen: Ah, yes, Chloe...the bi...

JB: *quickly interrupting* ....piece of work!

Jen: Yeah, whatever. *Rolls her eyes*

JB: No need to speak ill of the dead, Jen. Chloe’s mom had a big part in making her the way she was.

Jen: *looking sheepish* You're right, I guess. So, were you and Toby really that close?

JB: Absolutely, even though I didn't want to be his friend at first, considering how I felt about Giselle and how bad she hated me. But every time we were at the gym he'd kick up a conversation—next thing I knew he was making me laugh. He was like a brother

Jen: So, what was life with Chloe like?

JB: The year we dated was great. She was a beautiful girl, healthy, fun, vibrant. Later, she decided she wanted to be model think. I thought she got too thin, but she wanted it that way. She was always a little cold to my best bud, Red, but I thought she'd get over that eventually.

Jen: Did Red ever try to warn you about her?

JB: Red isn't that kind of guy. He never once dissed Chloe to me, not even when she accused him of coming on to her a few nights before our wedding. He only denied it and said he'd never do that to me. I thought she was just a little jealous and it would blow over but Chloe decided I needed a new best man. Red  bowed out gracefully, to keep the peace. That's the kind of guy he is. I found out after Chloe died that she and my new 'best man' had sex during our wedding, and for years afterwards.
Jenn: Oh, wow...what a guy...and what a wife. So when did it turn bad with Chloe?

JB: After I switched jobs and moved us from Baton Rouge to Lake Coburn. She didn't like that at all and never hesitated to tell me. It was less money, but the hours were better and I figured when we had a couple of kids Chloe would need my help. When it didn't happen after a couple of years, I talked her into the two of us seeing a doctor.

Jen: And was there a problem?

JB: It turns out the only problem was that she was sneaking birth control pills for years because she never wanted children.

Jen: *mouth drops open in shock* Are you serious?

JB: Yep, she said it in the sweet little letter she left with the lawyer when we made our wills one day. I didn't read it until after her death by the way. She told me she'd been faking the bi-polar disorder symptoms for years to keep me in check. I also found out she was pregnant the time of the accident and she had an abortion scheduled the same day.

Jen: Wow! What’d you do?

JB: I kind of went crazy cleaning out the house. I got rid of everything except for my old bed from college and one chair. Then I got plastered.

Jen: *Taps her pen on the desk while nodding thoughtfully* So, you wiped her out of your life.

JB: I tried to. Turns out it’s difficult to get closure when the person you’re angry with dies. Nobody to blame but myself for letting it go on so long. So…I channeled all my energy into helping Toby’s girls go on without him. And man, did I ever fall in love with his two daughters.

Jen: What about Toby’s other girl?

JB: Now Jennifer, you know that would be a spoiler for those ladies out there who haven’t read the book.

Jen: *Nods and grins* Yep, you’re right again, Jackson. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our bloggers?

JB: Only that I’d love to see them again…between the sheets…of Last First Kiss… *Gives her a smile and a wink*

Jen:  *Fans herself*  Whoa…is it me or did someone turn up the heat?

Lori: *Rolls her eyes*  Do you want to hear about the other books now?

Jen: Ahem…whew…ahem…*pulls delicately at her collar*  Um….yes…absolutely! Tells us about book 3 and 4 of your series, Lori.

Lori: Actually, I call my short e-book, Hart’s Desire, book 2.5.  It’s sort of a prequel to book 3, Brown Eyed Girl.

Jen: Are they available in paperback as well as e-book?

Lori: Hart’s Desire is e-book only, but Brown Eyed Girl is both. Here are the blurbs and excerpts for them.

Hart’s Desire (Blurb)

It’s 1974, and a pregnant Melinda Dawson is whisked away to a home for unwed mothers in Dallas, Texas. Kept as a virtual prisoner, Melinda has no way of getting word to her boyfriend where she is or why she was taken away.
Greg Hart is left feeling alone and abandoned by the girl he would have gladly married, had he only known about the pregnancy. Six months of thinking she’s left town to avoid breaking up with him has taken its toll on him. He decides to soldier away his broken heart with a career in the U.S. Marines.  
After nearly dying in childbirth, Melinda wakes up two days later with no baby, and a one way bus ticket home to McCray, Washington. Unable to leave Texas without the daughter she’d given birth to, she stays there, eventually getting a job as a live-in nanny to a prominent Houston family.
Thirty years later she returns to McCray to care for her ailing father.  While shopping, Melinda encounters Greg, now retired from the Marines, and Mayor of the town. Sparks fly between the two, rekindling the physical attraction they’d both believed to be long dead.
Can the two of them by-pass the feelings of bitterness and abandonment in order to find the most precious part of themselves?
Hart’s Desire is part of my La Fleur de Love series, introducing characters you’ll meet in Last First Kiss, Brown Eyed Girl, and Heaven in Your Eyes. I can tell you they eventually find their child, but you’ll have to read the other books to discover her identity.
Excerpt: The book actually begins in 1974 with the birth of their child, but I’m using the scene where Melinda and Greg meet up again over thirty years later.

Chapter 1
June 4th, 2005
Gregory Hart cringed at the door’s jingle signaling the presence of another customer. It was Friday afternoon before a much needed weekend, and all he wanted was to go home and pop a top on an icy longneck. He shook his head but didn’t look up from the spreadsheet on his computer screen.
Days like this...hell, weeks like this made him want to pack up and sell the place. Just take off and drive somewhere, anywhere, to get away from here, where everywhere he turned, something or someone reminded him of the wife he’d lost to cancer a year ago.
“Excuse me, where do you keep the batteries?” a woman’s voice asked from the end of the aisle to his left.
“What do you need them for?”
“A television remote, I think.”
Without looking up, he reached up to the counter display on his right and pulled a pack. “Will these do?” he said, sliding the pack to the end of the check-out counter.
“That’s just what I needed. What do I owe you?”
He glanced up, thinking her voice sounded disturbingly familiar. His gaze landed on a pretty lady, with curly hair and green eyes that sparkled with curiosity. The breath left him in a rush the moment recognition dawned. He stood, speechless, staring at the woman who’d left town as a young girl of seventeen, taking his heart with her. Thirty years had changed her, of course, but not enough to keep him from knowing the first woman he’d ever loved.
“How much?” she repeated, her Texas accent sounding breathless and rushed for time.
“Oh, about two bucks...and one broken heart.” He watched as she froze, her hand shoved deep inside her purse. “You’re looking good, Melin.”
She raised her wide eyed gaze to him and immediately flushed a becoming pink...some things never changed.
“Yep...what brings you back to this part of the world?”
“ mom passed,” she said, sounding flustered. “Dad...Dad needs me here to take care of him.”
“So you’re not here visiting?”
She shook her head slowly. “How long have you been back here? Last I heard you’d joined the Marines.”
“I retired with twenty-five and came back in 2000. I figured I gave the U.S. military enough of me, it was time to live my own life. I married a year later.”
“Oh. You hadn’t married before then?” she asked.
“Nope. Kept waiting to hear you’d come back to town, but you never did.” He pointed a long finger at her. “You’re the reason I made a career of the Marines.” Just for a moment he felt guilty for the comment when her face paled, but her next words made him swallow the apology he’d considered.
“You’re the reason I never came back,” she said, her voice an icy statement full of bitterness and anger.
Before he could reply, she’d spun on her heels and walked out, leaving the batteries there on the counter. The only sign she’d even been there was the echoing jingle of the door’s bell and the fragrance of her perfume, Chanel No. 5.
Some things never changed.

Brown Eyed Girl (Blurb)
You’d think Dr. Tiffany LeBlanc would breeze through life with no worries. Although practicing in Lake Coburn, Louisiana, she and her handsome fiancé, Tanner Collins, were both reared in Houston’s elite circle of social snobbery.  Life could be so perfect…if she could just keep her cheating fiancé in check, and get her parents approval for once in their miserable lives. Her only moral support is her brother, Drake, a practicing Houston attorney, other than the loving, but relocated, nanny who raised them both.
Scott `Red’ McAllister comes from much different stock. Raised in a large, boisterously lovable, but hard-working family in a tiny Louisiana farming community, he’s a highly respected business man. The owner of one successful club in Lafayette, his second is under construction in Lake Coburn. His free-wheeling, single man lifestyle comes to a screeching halt after meeting the good doctor several months earlier. He decides then to steal her away from her unappreciative fiancé, his old college nemesis, Tanner. 
Just when it looks like he’ll have it all, the tide turns ominously for Red. One mysterious phone call promising disaster for him, leads to another, each more baffling to the business man. The loss of his club due to fire is only the beginning of someone’s plan to ruin him.
Will the promise of new love triumph over hardship, or will revenge forge its own trail of death and destruction?
Red walked Tiffany to her car. “So, how about it Doc, are you glad you came?”
She nodded enthusiastically. “I am. It felt good to let go and have some fun. Thanks for letting me be a part of this today.”
“You’re welcome here anytime—I hope you know that.”
She gazed up at him, her face a study in curiosity. “What about Tanner?”
He bowed gallantly. “If you must,” he said with an exaggerated sigh. “I’d be civil for your sake, and I promise not to break his nose, Tiffy.”
She poked him playfully in the chest. “Don’t call me that again.”
“If it’s good enough for Tanner, it should be good enough for me...Tiffy,” he taunted.
“Stop it,” she said, this time with more conviction.
“Aw, but Tiffy is such a cute little nickname…like Buffy or—”
“I’m warning you, Red!” she said, her anger plainly evident.
“You don’t stop Tanner from saying it, why should you stop me, huh Tiffy?”
Before he knew it, she’d popped him good on the mouth.
“Stop it!” she snapped.
He grabbed her wrist in one swift movement. “You know, Doc, that’s the second time you slap me in less th—” His accusation trailed off as he witnessed something else, something just as heated, replace the fury in her eyes. His heart pumped furiously as he stepped closer, pressing her back firmly up against the car. His breath quickened, matching her own rapid panting as she gazed up at him with eyes the color of rich, melted chocolate.
Damn it all, but I could get lost in those eyes. Without a doubt, he’d never wanted someone so bad before.
“Doc...” Not wanting to scare her off, he lowered his mouth to hers in an agonizingly slow movement. In a perfect world that would have been enough and she’d have let him kiss her. But this was reality, and a second before their lips would have met, her whispered plea stopped him.
“Don’t Red, please.”
Red paused, pulling back enough to watch her long eyelashes flutter closed. He let go of her wrist and slowly, gently, moved that hand behind her head to pull her up against his chest.
Stiff with tension, she clenched the sides of his shirt until the tension eased slowly from her body. Her hands slid to his back as she finally settled comfortably against him.
Red brought his right arm around to pull her closer and they stood, holding each other, surrounded by the quiet sounds of late autumn. The north wind whipped through the yard full of pecans, oaks, and silver leaf maple trees, sending the dry leaves skittering across the ground around their feet.
“You feel so damn good,” he whispered. “Like you belong here.”
“Oh God…don’t say that,” she murmured into his shirt.
He moved his hand to the back of her neck, gently massaging, as he pressed the softest of kisses upon her crown. “Doc...Please don’t marry Tanner,” he whispered, not caring if his plea sounded desperate. He was desperate—desperate to make her see how good they’d be together—desperate for her to give him a chance to prove it to her.
She buried her face in his shirt and spoke through muffled sobs. “Oh God, please don’t say anything more, Red. I have to go.”
He took a deep breath to fortify himself. “I know,” he said, as he reluctantly released her and backed away so she could get into her car.
She started the engine, avoiding eye contact with him as she shifted into drive. Keeping her head lowered, she sat there with her foot on the brakes, the steering wheel tightly clenched in both hands. He tapped lightly on her window with his knuckle then flattened his palm on the glass.
Tiffany looked up, her eyes wide with agonized longing. Red’s breath caught painfully in his chest as he caught the shimmering of tears on her long lashes. Just as he reached for the door handle, she released the brakes. He stood, hands shoved deep in his pockets, watching the slow progression of her car, every second taking her further out of reach.

Thanks for having me yet again, Jennifer! Now that I’ve quit the J.O.B. maybe I’ll have time to get my own blog up and running again so I can invite you ladies over.

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Thanks for being here today, Lori!!


  1. I loved the interview post with the character. Very fun to read. The stories sound like something I'd like too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Shirley! I thought it would be a good way for readers to get to know Jackson on a more personal level. He seems to be a favorite with readers.
      Lori Leger

    2. Shirley! You are the winner for the free read! Either the Kindle download or an autographed paperback...your choice! Please send me your email address to so we can discuss your choice.

  2. Love the books! I definitely have to find time to read Jackson's story now, LOL All the best to you Lori! Oh and um, Jackson - I'm one of the Ass Cheek Angels. Just sayin'... ;)

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  4. Oh, Lori, Jackson's story sound lovely. I'm so glad about the J.O.B. situation for you LOL. Happy writing.
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  5. Kellie, Jackson said to tell you thanks...if he's ever in the market again he'd be proud to consider it...but don't hold your breath. ;)

  6. Wow what a fun interview! Ever since I read Tami Hoag's Lucky's lady I can't resist books with Louisiana men in them. sounds like a great read!

  7. Hey Lori and Jennifer, *waves*

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    JD :)

  8. Thank you ladies for stopping in! Barb, I'm waving back at ya! Jackie, you'll love ALL my Louisiana AND my Texas men (wait for the next book!), and J.D., Jackson is a very special guy. *waves*

  9. Sorry I'm late to the party. Great the excerpts! Makes me want to run out and get the books right now. (Well, click on the link on my computer, not 'run out' ) I've only read the first, but Lori definitely knows how to gut at a reader's heart strings. Wishing you great success...can't wait to read more of your wonderful books!

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