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Wednesday Releases!

Welcome to something new! I'm going to host New Releases on Wednesdays, so if you want to see what's hot, join us each week on hump day. ;)

Please welcome my first guest, Lynda Bailey! And be sure to leave a comment and your email addy for a change to win an e-copy of BATTLE BORN LOVE!

Writing Porn – With a Plot

Thanks Jennifer for letting me hang-out today and promote my very first indie-published book, Battle Born Love. Leave a comment and be entered to win a PDF copy!
I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the title of this blog. I’ve always written really hot love scenes in my books. (Just ask one of my former CPs who’s in her seventies. She claims I made her “twitchy”.) However, I never took the “plunge” into erotic romance. That is until about four years ago. Now, as an avid writer of erotic romance, I’ve had to grin and bear the comments – good-natured and well-meaning alike – about how I write “smut.” Well, I don’t write “smut” aka erotica. Erotica is weak on character motivation and the stories don’t end with an HEA (happily ever after). I write romance, very explicit and graphic, but still romance.
A good example of erotica would be the porn classic, Debbie Does Dallas. It’s all about the sex and little else. Not that I’m a prude. Porn can be quite entertaining. I mean all hard-working cheerleaders engage in sexual activities to make a little extra cash, right? Porn and/or erotica is hot and explicit and very, very graphic, but without a doubt not romance.
A great example of erotic romance would be the love scene in Coming Home. The movie wasn’t based solely on two or more people having sex. It was about the struggles of a paralyzed Vietnam vet (Jon Voight) and a young hospital aide (Jane Fonda). The love scene between these two characters wasn’t as explicit as a porn movie, but it was unquestionably motivated, extremely hot and definitely erotic. And it was a romance.
In a nutshell, erotic romance has very explicit, very graphic love scenes which are character driven and thus motivated. It’s not just about a young and beautiful wife, left home alone by her corporate-ladder-climbing husband, who drops to her knees when the pizza delivery guy shows up – no matter how drop-dead-gorgeous the delivery guy! The difference is important, especially if you’re defending yourself to family and friends.
Now, having said all that, Battle Born Love isn’t an erotic romance, though it’s still pretty darn hot/explicit and will make you (I hope) “twitchy.” Remember to leave your email addy in your response to be entered to win a free copy. (You can also email me: Lynda@lyndabailey.net)
Thanks again, Jennifer, for letting me be here today.

Spirited repo owner, Rory Dawson, agrees to be what she isn’t in order to save her father from a prison sentence. Now Pop is safe, but is her heart?
Handsome banker, Kane Williams, has made a deal with a most provocative devil in hopes of securing a coveted promotion. All his life Kane has endeavored to be the best, to erase the failure of his father. Will years of work be forfeited for a woman, albeit the sexiest one he’s ever known?
From opposite sides of the tracks, Rory and Kane forge an unlikely friendship. Soon, that friendship becomes a steamy relationship. Through trial and pain, they battle to have the love of a lifetime.

She bit her lower lip. “Sorry.”
Kane straightened, his gaze fastened to her mouth as her teeth released the fleshy skin. He suppressed his growl on a cough. “It doesn’t matter,” he choked out. “We should leave anyway. It was wrong to put you in this situation.”
From the corner of his eye, Kane saw two assistant managers from the downtown office pass by, staring. He edged Rory closer to the wall to shield her.
She placed a hand on his arm. “How will it look if we leave? We should stay.”
He massaged the tight muscles in his neck, trying to figure a way out of the evening. She was right, damn it.
Her hand squeezed. “I promise to stay by your side and be the best fake girlfriend ever. No one will suspect anything. In fact. . .” He watched her gaze slide over to the managers who were still ogling them.
“I think it’s show time.”
Before he could react, Rory wrapped both hands around his neck and pulled him to her waiting lips. Her tongue made an immediate foray into his mouth and Kane’s world zeroed down to nothing. No restaurant. No bank people. Nothing.
Just Rory.
He tilted her head up with his middle finger while his thumb stroked her cheek, his tongue sparring with hers. Kane needed his other hand propped on the wall for support.
To a casual observer, the kiss probably didn’t seem all that intense. What a lie.
Small sounds, only he could hear, emanated from deep in her throat. Her body quivered closer to his. Kane thought again about leaving, now for very different reasons.
Rory broke the kiss and her eyes, bright and iridescent skewed him. She cleared her throat. “We should return to your friends.” In reluctant moves, he shifted to give her room to move. Her hand again squeezed.
“But, if you want to continue this later, you’ll know where I’ll be. In the bedroom next to you.”
His thoughts on that temptation, Kane followed behind her to the group.


  1. Very interesting post...and great excerpt, Lynda!!!

    I've just been learning the distinction between "erotica" and "erotic romance." Your definition of the difference is really clear.

    I'm old enough, though, to remember when women first started using "erotica" to distinguish their sexually-explicit work from "porn." The distinction between "erotica" and "porn" was almost identical to the distinction that's apparently now made between "erotic romance" and "erotica": it was all about giving a satisfying emotional context to the sex, so it was an act between human beings with feelings for one another, not just two faceless bodies getting busy.

    I guess I have to re-learn my terminology!!

    Good luck with the new publication!!

    1. Hey Elisa~

      When I first started writing romance, I didn't *go there* with my love scenes because I was (hate to say it) afraid of what others would think of me. I know. Head hanging a bit in shame here.

      I didn't truly understand the difference between erotica and erotic romance. It was all porn to me. (Again, I ain't got nuthin' against porn! As I said, it can be quite "entertaining." *wink*)

      Once I began to enter writing contests, though, and saw that erotic romance needed a satisfying emotional conclusion, I thought, what the hell, and took "the plunge." No pun intended. :)

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Elisa!

  2. Lynda, I loved this post...especially the excerpt. That's a great way to get the heart started in the morning!

    You did a great job of spelling out the difference between erotica and erotic romance. They are definitely different things, and I'm glad. I enjoy erotica-level sex, but only if it's in the context of a romance. Otherwise, it's just so many body parts, you know?

    Best wishes for success with Battle Born Love!

    1. Thanks Lucy!

      I'm totally with you in that I need my HEA at the end of a story - erotic or not. Or at least a HFN.

      Glad you liked the excerpt! And thanks for popping in!

  3. I hate the word "smut". I hear it way too often. What's wrong with writing about human nature. We didn't invent sex and we won't be the last to do it, but we might as well enjoy it. Thanks for spelling out the difference. Both erotic romance and erotica have their place.
    As for your blurb and except; I gotta have it.

    Sandra Dailey

    1. Sandra~

      Well said. We didn't invent sex, but we do enjoy it. :0

      And thanks for the compliment on BBL! Maybe you'll win the free PDF copy......

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love your post today. Hot, steamy stuff can be good, but, like you I need a real story in there as well!

    1. Nancy~

      Ya, gimme hot and steamy and real!

      Thanks for popping in!

  5. There certainly is a time and a place for erotica in a story, Lynda. I debated whether or not to include erotica in mine. In the end I did decided on the scenes. I think love scenes add to the overall picture, because in the end, the romance is why the reader keeps turning the pages. Does the boy get the girl? Readers want to imagine themsleves in the story, feeling the emotions of the hero or heroine.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Diana. It's the emotional connection between the characters that make the story. Having love scenes on the page adds another dimension to that connection.

      I know a number of authors who don't do sex on the page and that's fine. I enjoy those stories just as much as I do erotic romance.

      But for me, as a writer, I feel like I've cheated my characters if I don't allow them to fully explore their physical love for one another.

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

  6. Well done! I loved the excerpt!! The small touch of Kane shielding her with his body to protect her makes him a lovable heroine and the scene much more intense!
    Stephanie Queen

    1. Thanks Stephanie!

      I've been in love with Kane forever. He's such sweetheart - when he's not being a typical guy. LOL

      Thanks for popping in!

  7. Just what I needed to warm me up this cool, windy afternoon, Lynda. :) Good luck with your first indie-pubbed book. I have no doubt that it will do very well.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Barb! And for stopping by.

  8. Interesting interview! I have to admit that some of the favorite stories that I have read lately have been erotica romances and it isn't just because for the steamy scenes. There are some really great stories out there and I can't wait to read your as well. Thanks, Jackie rings@wwt.net