Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Release Wednesday +Give*Away!

Please help me welcome my friend and fellow Wild Rose Press author, RACHEL LEIGH! She's brought her great new release, HOT SUMMER SANDS for you today! 
PLUS- Rachel is going to give away winner's choice of 1 of her ebooks to a lucky winner. Be sure to leave your email addy so we can contact you!
Thanks for being here, Rachel!

1- What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions?

Conflict – always!! For me, this is the biggest challenge because you have to pin down a conflict (often more than one) that is real and sustainable for the length of the story you are telling. I prefer to write around the 25,000 word mark so the conflict has to be strong enough not to be resolved in a few pages yet not so big it needs a novel. I’ve yet to find the magic formula!

2 -  If you were going to cast the hero of your book, what actor would get the part?

Julian McMahon – whenever I sit down to write a new story, I scour pictures of the rich and famous until inspiration strikes. That’s how I start all my stories, with an image. Julian McMahon fit perfectly as Sam Clarke J

3 - If you could time travel would you go forward or backward?

Backward, definitely – I am an absolute history lover. My favorite eras are Tudor and Victorian. There was so many fascinating social and political issues going on in these times – so much change. I am playing around with the idea of a Victorian novella for my next project as we speak. Watch this space!

4 - Favorite romance movie?

When A Man Loves A Woman – although the subject matter of alcoholism is the basis of this film, I think it is one of the most romantic movies ever. The emotion, the frustration, the angst and push/pull over the ripple effect of the disease is heartbreaking and so very, very real. The relationship and the hero’s love for the heroine is unsurpassed – and of course, wondefully portrayed by Andy Garcia…

5 - What is your favorite time of year?

Summer…or maybe early Fall. I love the feel of the heat on my skin (which is rare in the UK!) and being able to wear a nice, strappy dress. Having said that, I also love watching the season evolve into Fall. The new colors and changes are gorgeous, plus there’s nothing like slipping into cozy boots and a coat and taking my dog for a long walk in the forest.


Chef Michelle Hutton flees her controlling mother in the UK for the sun and freedom of Greece, longing for a new beginning and maybe just a bit of Zante’s local heat. Sexy, pro-bono lawyer Sam Clarke might just be the one to teach her to let go. He's sexy, capable, and totally in control. And too damn hard to resist.

Sam Clarke and his best friend had once been the baddest boys to hit the local party scene— sex, booze, and more sex—until his friend is killed. Sam turned his back on the blatant sexuality of the island years ago, but can’t resist Michelle’s desire to bask in the sun and explore the need that grows between them.


Closer and closer he came, rounding the counter and standing so close to her that Michelle was forced to tip her head back to meet his eyes. The smell of him – warm, musky and clean--wafted under her nose. She inhaled…and really wished she hadn’t as her knees quivered. She took another step back until her ass hit the steel countertop behind her.
His gaze darted over her face, lingering at her lips. Michelle put a hand on his chest without thinking and then whipped it back to grip the counter.
Trepidation mixed with arousal pooled like liquid in her stomach. “Sam, talk to me. What’s wrong?”
His eyes dropped to her chest and unmistakable lust flared in eyes, darkening them to a gorgeous midnight blue. Desire pulled at her core and her nipples tightened.
He met her eyes. “Everything.”
She was trapped by the raw animal need to have him. To feel his hands on her bare skin, his mouth on hers. She licked dry lips. “You look like you’re either going to attack me or--”
“Fuck you?”
She flinched. The harsh expletive shocked and aroused her in equal measure. “What?”
His hands clamped onto her hips, possessive and unyielding. A feral storm raged in his dark blue gaze. “I need to know.”
She stared, unable to move or breathe. “Need to know what?”
“Need to know if this…these feelings…are just--”
“Lust?” The word slipped from her tongue, her mind blank of everything but Sam. The way he smelled, the lickable square line of his jaw. The yearning to have him on her, in her, over her.
The corner of his mouth twitched and a little of the fiery frustration seeped from his eyes. “Exactly.”

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  1. thanks for letting us get to know a little about you Rachel. The book excerpt sounds Hot and ohh im wanting more to his question lol.. hmm lust or what hmmm lolsounds like a Hot read to me:) Congrats!!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Terra and thanks for hosting me, Jennifer - looking forward to chatting some more!!

    Glad you're liking the sound of Sam, Terra... ;)

    Rachel x

  3. Great interview. Hot Summer Sands is definitely a steamy read. It is going on my TBR list. I loved the excerpt.

  4. Thanks again for being here today and tomorrow, Rachel! And thanks for stopping by today, ladies! :)

  5. Sounds HOT! Great excerpt, and I love to read about authors from outside the US.

  6. Great to 'meet' you, Janna & Lisa! I LOVED writing this story. Sam, especially, came to me fully formed and ready to rock and roll, lol! My favorite scene to write occurs at the beach. Just saying... ;)

    Rachel x

  7. Whew! Fanning myself here. Love the excerpt.

  8. Congratulations on the book! Very nice excerpt.


  9. Hi Sharon & bn100!

    LOL! I am so happy with all your reactions to the excerpt - if you're not a winner, I hope you go ahead and get your copy of Hot Summer Sands. These two are worth sharing, believe me!

    Good luck everyone - I think Jennifer is in charge of the draw...

    Rachel x