Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free For All Friday - Meet Author Marci Jefferson!

Today I want to introduce my wonderful friend and critique partner, Marci Jefferson!

Marci is the author of BRITANNIA THE BEAUTIFUL, a historical fiction novel that covers the life and loves of Frances Stuart, a prominent member of the Court of Restoration. Anyone who is a lover of sweeping historicals will love Marci's novel.

Thanks for joining us today, Marci!
Take it away.................

When did you start writing?

I wrote a short story in high school that never felt right no matter how much I tinkered with it. In college I majored in Nursing and, in the midst of surviving pharmacology and anatomy and physiology, let go of creative writing. Then marriage, career, and kids took over for a while. About four years ago, my love of the past drove me to start writing the type of history I like to read.

Tell us how you got interested in Historical Fiction.

I moved a lot as a kid but spent about thirteen years in Yorktown, Virgina, where the Revolutionary War was won. Talk about history-rich! I spent days roaming battlefields, rubbing headstones, and visiting old plantation homes. When my interest skipped to the British end of the conflict I had to travel to England and Europe to satisfy my curiosity. Travel is enlightening, and I came home with a thousand new topics to research! One thing that makes history so exciting to me is the many different points of view’s to discover about a single event.

Who is your writing inspiration?

I must credit the Queen of Historical Fiction, Phillipa Gregory, with reawakening the writer within me. When I read, "The Other Boleyn Girl", I was simply flabbergasted that Anne Boleyn actually had a sister. Seeing the Tudor Court through Mary Boleyn’s eyes was one of the most exciting things I’d ever read. When I put that book down, I searched for more like it. Eventually I knew I would start writing again; I simply had to create my own Historical Fiction. The adventure began!

What inspired your work in progress?

It’s a funny story. Some people sneer at doing touristy things while traveling- which I understand to a point. But, when you are a tourist, I think it’s okay to actually tour. I like to see everything, to get the scoop. Thus, I climbed atop one of those red double-decker busses in London for some sightseeing. When we tooled past the Banqueting House someone indicated the window from which King Charles the First had emerged for his beheading in 1649.  Huh? I thought kings ordered the beheadings! So, of course, I had to immerse myself in the complicated English Civil Wars and the Stuart Royal family. Eventually I found my heroine.
Frances Stuart


  1. Wow, Marci! How exciting! Your research sounds intense and first hand. How many times have you been to Europe?

  2. Great post, Marci! I love sweeping historical fiction, too. And it's so much fun to do research in person. Good luck with your book. It sounds like a fascinating topicl

  3. SC Denson,
    I've only been to Europe once. But it was one of those long trips where you trek from London to Brussels to Rome and back another route. In other words, I really milked the time spent there.

    Alison H,
    You're so right, sometimes the research can be the most exciting part when it involves travel!

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Congrats on your new release. I wish you the best and many, many, more, to come!

  5. Your new release sounds fascinating. Congratulations! I love doing research and often get side-tracked. Was there any one thing that threw you off in a new direction?

  6. Marci, I love how you have immersed yourself in place and time for your stories. They must really come to life on the page. Good luck with your release.

  7. Great post! Best of luck to you, Marci. Your book sounds fabulous. :-)

  8. Hi Marci!

    I've only been to Europe once too and I'd love to go back! Great post!


  9. It was nice to meet you Marci, and get to know the things that inspire you. Your book sounds interesting! Good luck with the release. :)

  10. Oh Marci, this sounds like a wonderful book. I would love to be a mouse in your pocket as you were traveling and doing your research. Can hardly wait for the book!!

  11. Marci, you've done a ton of research. Best of luck with sales.

  12. Great first interview. I read The Other Boleyn Girl, was amazed I'd never heard of her, but she got herself into almost as much trouble as Anne. Congrats on the book and many sales.

  13. Hi Marci,
    I enjoyed reading about your start in historical fiction. And your trip to Europe sounds so ideal!

    How do you find to write the sweeping history--not to mention the mounds of research you do--when you have youngsters, a husband, a challenging (and draining)career in the medical field?

    Keep up the good work. I'm so looking forward to seeing Frances in print!

    Best of Luck.

  14. Marci,
    What was it about Frances Stuart that made you want to write about her?
    The picture is interesting. But it would be hard to pose like that very long at a time.
    May your book sales be off the charts!