Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free For All Friday!! - Free e-Book

Who was your favorite 007?
James and I go way back. My mom and dad were both big fans, so I've been there for every gadget, every cool car, every bikini-clad Bond girl - and I've loved every covert minute;)
But since we're talking favorites............I have to choose Pierce Brosnan. Yes, Sean Connery has a suave-ness like no other, Roger Moore has a mocking wit, Daniel Craig has a dark side that appeals to the writer in me, but Pierce, ah, Pierce.............I've loved him since he played Remington Steele.

So tell me who your favorite 007 is -- or even your favorite James Bond movie and I'll enter you in a drawing for a gift certificate for a free e-book from The Wild Rose Press!
And next week................get ready to drool!! Every day will be Man Candy Monday!! *Just a little something to make your holiday hotter*


  1. I've always loved Sean Connery - especially his voice. Pierce Brosnan is fantastic and I loved him since the Remington Steele days as well. I have to admit that I've a bit of a crush on Daniel Craig, tho... LOL

  2. Can I just pick James Bond? We were big fans growing up, too, and always saw the latest movie. My sons like them, too. My s-i-l gave our oldest son a complete collection of tapes (pre-DVDs) and he and our other son watched 19 hours on the way back one holiday. Thank goodness for headsets.

    I'm torn between Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton. I loved Pierce in Remington Steele and Timothy was a crush from several movies. Of course, we just saw bits of a Bond marathon at Thanksgiving and I really liked Sean and Roger. . . See? I can't pick just one!

  3. Hands down, it's Sean Connery for me! I love his accent and he continues to make me shiver even when he plays in other movie roles. That man is hot! I'm really greatful that my baby is a big Bond fan and that he has most of the movies on DVD/VHS. Sometimes we'll enjoy a Bond marathon for a day. Then I'm in total heaven and I don't feel guilty since it's usually my baby's suggestion...heehe. :)

  4. Just as Bond has changed over the years, so has my love of the man who played his character:

    Sean Connery had a grasp on Bond's sex appeal and dry humor.

    Timothy Dalton added the edge he needed.

    Pearse Brosnan was sexy and sauvé; in and out of the bedroom.

    Daniel Craig was a pleasant surprise: incredibly sexy, edgy with a dry humor. He gave me a peak into the heart of James Bond like I'd never seen before; stripped of his armor and gloriously appealing.

    As the Bond character changes, and the actors who play him, my love certainly will too.

  5. Elke, what a great take on all the characters who have play the James Bond character. :)

  6. I have always been a Sean Connery fan...until, Daniel Craig slipped into the role!! Oh my goodness, that man just oozes sexy from every pore!!!

  7. Pierce has the slick Bond good looks. Sean has the silky voice that a super spy ought to have, but--and I can't believe I'm going to say this because I'm so very partial to dark haired men--Daniel Craig's Bond had a vulnerability about him that moved me. It cost him something to kill a man, even if he was a bad guy. His Casino Royale Bond had a soul. Unfortunately, he lost it in the 2nd movie, but that scene in CR in the shower when he sucked the heroine's fingertips and took her guilt on himself is both the most erotic and redemptive moment I've ever seen in a Bond movie.