Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free For All Friday - Meet Author Angi Morgan!!

I'm so excited to welcome my 2010 Unsinkable sister, Angi Morgan! Those of you who attended the RWA conference in Orlando might remember Angi's winning speech. She was accompanied on stage by her husband, and her words were so sweet they made me cry:)

Anyway, Angi has been busy making us Unsinkables proud. Her SECOND novel, .38 CALIBER COVER UP will be available the first week of Feb. ! Her first wonderful and intriguing story, HILL COUNTRY HOLDUP, which was her RWA Golden Heart ms, is a must read.

You can visit Angi and find out more about her and her work at and connect with her blog at that address too. Be sure to leave a comment because Angi is giving away a FREE copy of .38 CALIBER COVER-UP!!
So take it away, Angi!

Did you start out writing Romantic Suspense AND/OR What got you interested in the genre?
No matter what I try to write, there seems to be some type of mystery, trouble, murder, double-cross...something that leans toward romantic suspense and adventure. Even a Time Travel I’ve been working on has a lot of suspense in the adventure of medieval Scotland.

Where is your perfect writing place?
Anywhere. Wherever the words will come. Please let them be everywhere...all the time.
But to be more specific. I get my best words during a long, lonely car ride. When I listen to music. When I see a film and tell myself, “I wish I’d written that!”

Plotter or Pantser?
Is there such a thing as a Plot-ser. I’m an audible plotter. I bounce ideas off of critique partners (and the husband) throughout the book. I consider myself a slayer--I have to fix a problem before I can move forward in the plot. I have to write a loose synopsis to sell a book, but when I got to page 195 on .38 Caliber Cover-Up the true villain revealed himself. All I needed to do was strengthen one clue I’d laid out earlier in the story and the villain was ready to go. Funny how my fingers had put everything I needed into the story without letting my brain know.

Tell us about your "real life" romance.
Tim and I were best friends. He’s the only guy I dated as an adult from church. We were in a singles Sunday School class. We actually debated whether or not we wanted to kiss and change our relationship. I have to say that he broke up with me two minutes before he proposed. Yes, that’s TWO MINUTES. The conversation went something like this: Tim--“I think I need to date more.” Angi--“Okay, but if I’m still around here in a couple of years, look me up.” Tim, 30 seconds later--“Will you marry me?” Can’t remember if I choked or just said an immediate yes. It wasn’t until we’d been married about 15 years that he told our kids--“I literally watched my life without your mom fly before my eyes and realized that I had exactly who I wanted and that would never change.” Now...if he’d said that when he proposed, it would have made the first 15 years a lot easier. LOL

Tell us what you love most about writing/hate most about writing.
LOVE?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE when someone else tells me they love my story. Even “enjoyed” makes me giddy happy. HATE? Not managing my time better to write the story quickly. And being the neurotic writer that I am...I hate lacking confidence about my story-telling ability.

Add anything about your first book too:)
I was so fortunate that HILL COUNTRY HOLDUP won the Golden Heart and so excited during my acceptance speech that I forgot to mention it went on sale that very night. The thrill of seeing my first Intrigue on book shelves was soon followed by an RT Best First Series Book nominee. I love Steve & Jane for taking me on one adventurous thrill ride after another. And also for giving me Erren, my #2 hero for .38 Caliber Cover-Up.
Thanks again for having me today, Jennifer.
I’d love to ask your readers a question: Did you ever see a couple that just didn’t look like they belonged together and actually ask what their story was? Or even just imagine the story of how they got together?

I’ll give a commentator an autographed copy of .38 Caliber Cover-up.

Note: I can mail a copy of .38 Caliber Cover-up to a continental US address only, but International readers can win an electronic ARC. Thanks. 


  1. Thanks for having me today, Jennifer. Really looking forward to chatting with everyone.


  2. Angi, great post. You have to put Tim's proposal in a book!

    When I started laying out my current wip I really wanted my heroine to fall in love with a hero from a previous story. I realized they just wouldn't work together! Oil and water.

    I enjoyed Steve and Jane a lot! I'm looking forward to reading .38 Caliber Cover-up.

  3. Hi Angi! Wow - Tim is a keeper! I also call myself a plotser! I write a short bulletized outline (maybe one page) and then I put my fingers to the keyboard. I love HCH and look forward to reading 38 Caliber Cover-up (awesome title) Robin

  4. Hi Jerrie,

    Tim tells the story so much better now. Especially since he knows that adding the "saw his whole life flash" is dramatic. LOL

    But yes, he's a keeper. If he could just learn how to call when he's going to be late...


  5. Robin,
    I can't wait for you to read .38 Caliber.

    I have been truly blessed with two great titles and two awesome, terrific covers! For the record, the redhead is a better protrayal of Darby than what I had in my head.


  6. Angi: What an awesome line from your husband! Wow. I love asking people how they met. I wanted to know what brings people together and how they find each other long before I started making up my own stories about it.

    Like you, I'm a plotser. I try to work from a basic outline and let the rest fill in as I write. Can't wait for your class on Monday, and I'm looking forward to .38 Caliber Cover-Up!

    I'm shaking in my boots about Monday. I hope everyone gets something out of it. But it's the first time I've taught you guys go easy on me.


  8. I feel like I know Angi from all the work she does for the Great Expectations contest. She is such a lovely person and I’m liking Tim without ever meeting him because he was bright enough to recognize that.

    I look at my grandparents for inspiration. 67 years of marriage before my grandfather died (my grandmother just turned 100!). They were like chalk and cheese. Granddad was very outgoing and funny, wickedly so, but Nana was very straight laced. She used to wear little white gloves to pour afternoon tea. I never saw her wear trousers while Granddad was alive.

    Because they were so different, it always amazed me how successful their marriage was. I asked them what attracted them to each other. The answer from my granddad... "I simply looked in her eyes and knew she was the one for me." So simple and heart felt.

    Lovely writing Angi.

    If I ever make it Down Under... I want to meet your Nana! Spend as much time with her as possible and chronicle some of their stories! My dad was smart enough to capture his mom on video...Just put the tape in and got her talking. Wish they'd been around for my Poppie (who was much older than her and died in '79).

    Thanks for stopping by and what a lovely ideal couple!

  10. I have often wondered about some couples that seemed an odd pairing but have never asked. Opening all kinds of doors best left shut perhaps.

  11. Nice to meet you, Angi! I remember your speech well! It brought tears to my eyes and your husband was so sweet. Congratulations on your success. All the best to you and yours. :)

  12. Marybelle -- IT IS AMAZING what people will share with you when you let them know you're a romance author. LOL SO SO SO many friends have asked how Tim & I got together. We're not opposites by any means--well except where sports are invoved (I was the kids' coach for 20 years and I used to watch Sunday football--amazing how much more you can get done when THAT's not on).

    So you may casually give it a try and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.


  13. Kellie, it's a pleasure to "meet" you. And thanks for remembering me. There are actually pictures of the ceremony on my Facebook page (Angi Morgan).

    I had a blast. Especially getting a picture with every person who hugged me (and wanted to touch the Golden "Heart" for luck. Love that book !!


  14. Jen,
    Thanks so much for having me yesterday. I'll drop by throughout the day to see if anyone "stops by". I can't wait to see who receives .38 Caliber Cover-Up.

    I also want to let everyone know that I'm beginning a contest for the book: 38 DAYS OF .38 CALIBER. There's a nice Romantic Suspense basket for the winner. Details on my website.

    Thanks again, it's been great.

  15. Loved your story about how your husband asked you to marry him, Angi! What a wise man :-)

  16. Hi Jacqui! Well, he's wise in a few things at least. LOL I really do wish he'd told me the entire story earlier in our marriage. Good advice for other men.


    You're ARC copy of .38 Caliber Cover-Up is on its way.

    WOO HOO. Thanks to EVERYONE for stopping by and good luck with the 38 DAYS of .38 CALIBER contest (details on my website, ends March 6th).