Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free For All Friday - Meet Author Autumn Jordon!

Please welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Autumn Jordon. She's here today with her new release, IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL ( Check out that beautiful cover ) available NOW from TWRP

Autumn is talking about my favorite subject today - MEN! lol OK, it's not all about men. But there is one. . .
So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the eye candy she brought along.

To Know Him Is To Love Him
Jennifer shares her eye candy every Monday.  I know because I stop by often and check her men out.
Whenever I start a story, I start with my hero.  I need to know what he looks like.  In my mind’s I have an idea, but it’s like looking at someone from a distance.  So I search magazines, newspaper, catalogs and on-line free picture sites until I find a close up of my hero.
The hero in my new romantic suspense release from The Wild Rose Press, ‘IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL’, is marine Cole Hanson. That’s him, right there. Isn’t he to die for?
I found Cole Hanson first in a catalog.  As I flipped through the pages, I stopped immediately and fell in love.  He stared back at me with those intense, gorgeous eyes and I knew he was the perfect guy for the story rolling around in my head.  I always get hooked by the guy’s eyes, then his strong jaw line and his most-men-would-kill-for hair.  Of course he also has to have the body worthy of a low riding towel.  YUM
After I get my drooling under control, I post my hero’s picture above my desk at eye level and with a pen in hand, we have a conversation.  I get to know the man, asking him all types of questions and watching him for his mannerisms and quirks. He’s got to have idiosyncrasies and flaws.  Why? Because he is a man and no man is perfect.  Perfect characters are boring.  Readers like lots of conflict and some conflict can occur because of our hero’s flaws.
Cole is not perfect. Yes, he does look it. SIGH. But he’s not.  He has a serious complex stemming from his childhood. That attribute creates conflict between him and Gina, the heroine in ‘IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL’.  His hang-up keeps him from confronting Gina about the event which happened years prior and that drove him from her life.  Later, when Cole learns the actual facts, his neurosis causes him to blame himself and feeds the conflict all over again.
I follow the same steps for all my major characters and a most of my secondary characters.  A secondary character’s flaws can create the major conflict of your story.  Example; In ‘EVIL’S WITNESS’, my 2010 Golden Leaf winner,  a minor character’s gambling problem set the stage for the mafia’s money laundering scheme.   Greed and lust happens in ‘IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL’.
Okay, enough about flaws.  Let’s talk heroes and what makes them totally droolicious.  What grabs your attention and sends your heart pattering feverishly?  

To learn more about Autumn Jordon’s new release ‘In The Presence Of Evil’ or any of her other works, visit


  1. Good Morning! Interesting post! Nice pic to keep the story going. I also visit Man Candy Monday whenever I can.

  2. Hi Autumn! Love the post -- and especially COLE! Yum is right! I think the thing that truly makes my heroes drool-a-licious is how they interact with the heroine. If they are paying attention to her, not just physically, but also emotionally and intellectually, there is the key. I love a hero that not only challenges the heroine, but also "listens" to her, with their whole heart. Gets me every time!

  3. Thanks, P.L. How do you come up with your heros? Please share.

  4. Cole is a YUM cake, isn't he. So true, a guy that is in tuned to the heroine'e needs is so sexy. Great character point.

  5. Great blog, Autumn. Your perspective on character flaws is so right on. By the way, love the book cover.

  6. Thanks, Barbara. You can't fix a guy unless he has flaws, right?

  7. That's a fantastic picture, Autumn! Ooh, those eyes...

    I try to find pictures to match the images in my head of my hero and heroine...but most of the time I can't find any that are quite right. And then I keep searching and then I look at the clock and -- holy smokes -- I need to get back to writing!

    So Jenn's "Man Candy Monday" is a wonderful place to get a quick peek at some great pics. Thanks Jenn for doing all the work! And thanks for sharing your dreamy hero picture as well, Autumn!

  8. Yummy hero, Autumn. I love your way of getting to know your main guy. I used to not understand writers who wanted to have a pix like that--UNTIL I started writing, that is :) NOW I sure like me my hero staring back, giving me encouragement when I stall.

    Great post. Love the cover. Best of luck with your book.

  9. Jacqui, You're so right, you can spend hours looking for the perfect guy. I'm always searching and snip, put them in a file. That is the first place I'll go. It is fun, isn't it?

    Barb, Lol, and the herione looking at you saying, "Why are you taking his side."

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies.

  10. Hi ladies -
    Thanks to Autumn for being my guest today. Love romantic suspense and love the pic!

    I'll have to think of something special for Monday's Candy;)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Can I just say YUM? I'll be blogging on a similar topic in two weeks. Seeing heroes as more than a mental image. I have a hard time finding just that right one. After months I finally found the one I need. Gotta love a writer's research!

  12. Thanks, Jennifer. I'll definitely be back Monday.

    Calisa, I found my first hero in Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in State College, PA. Flipping through a magazine, he just popped out. This was yars ago, and he still takes my breath away. Nearly dropped my ice cream cone.

  13. Autumn, I'm late as usual. what terrific pictures! Your hero -- wow!!!