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FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY - Meet Author Shay McLean!

Please help me welcome erotic author Shay McLean! Shay is one of my new friends I've met on FaceBook:) 
Thanks for being here, Shay. I love the cover of SHOOTING STARS. If you all would like to know more about Shay and her work, you can visit her website

Then come on back and read Shay's post about Twisted Fairytales!

Folktales…Moral tales…Tall tales…Fables…These are just a few of the terms used to describe the stories we all know and love under the umbrella genre we call Fairy Tales. According to Wikipedia a fairy tale is defined as:
“…a type of short narrative that typically features such folkloric characters, such as faries, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants, gnomes and usually magic or enchantments.”
The article goes on to state that:
“…only a small number of the stories refer to fairies.”
The history of these timeless bedtime stories is difficult to trace since it is believed that they have been around far longer than their first appearance in print form. The term “fairy tale” was first ascribed to them by Madame d’Aulnay in the late 17th century.
These much beloved stories, which many of us still read to our own children, nieces, nephews, friend’s children or grandchildren, have evolved over the centuries as well. So much that Dr. James Tehrani, a cultural anthropologist at Durham University has done a study on Little Red Riding Hood to show how fairy tales have ancient origins.
Of the 35 versions he studied, he identified 70 different variables in plot and characters. He was also able to group the stories into distinct families according to how they evolved over time.
What does this mean for authors and screenwriters?
Simple. It means there is definitely room to take the classic stories we still love today and give them our own fresh twist to make them fresh and new for today’s audience. In fact, this has been happening for decades. Disney has rewritten many of these classics, making them suitable for younger audiences. The most recent being Tangled , which is a twist on Rapunzel.  
Some of my other favorites include, Ever After (Cinderella), Red Riding Hood 2011 and I’m looking forward to seeing Beastly (Beauty and the Beast). They even based a television series on Beauty and the Beast, also one of my favs.
In fiction, there are too many takes off of many different fairy tales to name in this short post; however, I would like to mention Ann Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Series written under the penname of A.N. Roquelaure. I’ve only recently been introduced to this series and all I can say is WOW. I love it.
So what’s next for fairy tales? I know of many writers personally who are taking these timeless classics and giving them a wonderful erotic twist. I can’t wait to read them. I’m even working on my own with not only a paranormal twist, but a sci-fi one as well (all erotic romance of course:).
So what was your favorite fairy tale or fable growing up? Which ones would you like to see given a twist? 


Dr. Wilhemina Brock prides herself on her ability to keep her private life with her husband Schyler just that – private. But when Keenan, the new nurse on staff, catches a glimpse of her tramp stamp, she’s coerced into spilling the story behind it, revealing how she broke the student-professor boundaries and hooked her husband.


Dr. Wilhemina Brock glanced in the mirror on the door of her locker. She frowned at the tight braid she'd twisted it into that morning. She reached up and released the clip holding it in place then shook out her long raven tresses. Soft wispy locks curled around her shoulders, sending shivers of pleasure dancing on her skin. Much better. Smiling to herself she grabbed her black t-shirt and started to pull it over her head.
            A whistle sounded from the door. “Damn, that’s sexy.” A very masculine voice said.
            Willa spun around, tugging the hem of her shirt into place. Keenan Fergason. The newest addition to the nursing staff. His muscular build, rugged features, reddish brown hair and sparkling green eyes had everyone lusting after him. She could feel the blush that stained her cheeks at his continued appraisal of her. “I don’t know what you're talking about, Keenan. I’ve gotta run. I’m meeting Schy for dinner in half an hour.” She reached up to stuff her lab coat into her locker and felt the bottom of her shirt raise above her low cut jeans.
            “I’m not letting you leave here until you give me the dirt on that sexy tramp stamp you’re sporting there, Dr. Willa,” Kee said.
            She glanced over in time to see him wiggle his eyebrows as he said the words tramp stamp. Shit. Just what she needed.  News of her guilty pleasure traveling all over the hospital as she was finishing up her residency.


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Shay has been writing most of her life. As a teenager, she focused mainly on poetry, but still dabbled in writing short stories. She didn't find her niche though until she started listening to the characters in her head whispering about the dark and sensual worlds to be explored in erotic romance. Now when she's not engrossed in a great read, she listens intently when her muse murmurs seductively in her ear. She also enjoys photography and graphic design. And although she isn’t an artist by any means she designed the tattoo featured in Shooting Stars. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. 
You can contact her at, on Facebook Page and Twitter.


  1. I bought your book but haven't had time to read it Shay! One of these days, one of these days... Great interview ladies!

  2. Interesting post! Loved fairy tales when I was younger and now I write paranormal. Congratulations on the release and many sales!

  3. Hi Shay! I've read that Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty Series. It's a SCORCHER. Loved it! My daughter and I are both avid Disney Princess fans. I think I was actually more excited about Tangled than she was! Just something about the fairie tale...guess that's why I write romance~

  4. Okay, dying to know the story behind the tramp stamp. Have to go find the book...

  5. Thank you all for stopping by. I had a lot of fun researching fairy tales.

    Kellie, thanks. I can't wait to read your's when it comes out.

    Thank you, K.T.

    P.I., I'm working on my own mashup of sci-fi/paranormal and loving it.

    A.J., my whole family loved Tangled. I love it when you can find a new way to tell a beloved story.

    Emma, I'm flattered. Thank you.

  6. Fairy tales hit all the psychic hotbuttons we're pre-wired to respond to. Hard to improve on a winning formula, but the trick is to make it seem fresh. Sounds like you have, Shay!

  7. Great blog! I love them.
    I also was hooked on the beauty and the beast TV show, what the heck was it called. I was so mad when the just dumped it with no satisfying ending.
    Faery tales are usually HEA!