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Free For All Friday - Meet Author Alyson Reuben!

I'm so happy to welcome the talented ALYSON REUBEN to the blog today. I'm reading her latest release, A BEAUTIFUL CAGE, right now! I have to tell you ladies, I'm loving it :)  Set in Nazi Germany, it's an historical that steps out of the typical setting.

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Thanks for being here today!

1- Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a tiring jog over hot coals?

* The process of writing A Beautiful Cage took me a couple years, because I started the story, left it for a while, then returned to it. But the road to publication was probably closer to a stroll than a tiring jog. At first, I only submitted to agents. No luck there. On the plus side, I queried to only a couple of publishers before The Wild Rose Press offered to publish it. Edits were minimal. And I’ve had nothing but the very best working relationship with all the editors and my wonderful fellow authors.

2- What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions?

*Hmm. This is a tricky question, because my characters are steeped in conflict and emotions. I guess the action/conflict scenes might be the hardest. But I think it really depends on the particular scene.

3- Tell us about your real life romance.

*I’ve known my husband, who is older than me, since I was a kid because our families have been friends a long time. I have to admit I didn’t like him at all. He was snobby and was always teasing me, calling me a spoiled snotty-nosed brat. He had his girlfriends and his job, and I had my school and life. Totally opposite people with completely opposite lives. Funny how that works. Fast forward to my young adulthood and he’s suddenly noticing me from a whole new angle. And I’m seeing his personality in a way I never noticed when I was a kid. He actually turned out to be human. Ha! Okay, actually, he’s a fantastic guy! I’ve been married to him for the past 16 years, so that has to prove it! I support his passion for music (he plays the piano and sings), and he supports my writing 100%. Besides being my best friend, he’s also my best fan. Now I call that real romance!

4- Do you believe in love at first sight?

*Yes… although, for the most part, many people’s boast to love at first sight is really lust at first sight. However, I personally know two couples who really did fall in love instantly, without knowing a thing about each other. It seems a bit mystical and rare, but I think it happens to certain people.

5 - If you could time travel would you go forward or backward?

*Definitely backward! I’m a huge history lover. But the particular time I’d choose depends on my current mood. I might go back to the vintage eras, like the twenties or fifties. Then again, I might want to go back much further. Maybe to the Renaissance period or to the Civil War.

6 - What is your favorite time of year?

* I’m a worshipper of golden summers. In fact, I already miss those spectacular, heat-filled days. Especially after attending the outdoor field trip Tuesday with my daughter in the cold, wet rain. Umbrellas are absolutely NO defense against bone-penetrating dampness. Mother nature must’ve been experiencing rotten PMS when she created late fall and winter! Brrr!

Sometime in the future, if I have my way, by careful saving and scrimping, my family will pack up and move to a year-round warm climate. Please buy by books and add funds to this worthy cause!!! Just kidding. Actually *rubbing my icy nose* no, I’m not.

7- What is your favorite dessert/food?

*Chocolate moose. Chocolate Black Forest cake. Chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate ice-cream. Oh, and just plain ol’ chocolate will work too.


Wanted by the Gestapo, Rebecca Bloomberg is on the run for her life. Sheltering in the home of a reporter who writes absurd lies for a Nazi propaganda newspaper is hardly an ideal solution. Irresistibly drawn to the man, she dares not trust him, until she discovers his journalist position is a mask for involvement in an anti-Nazi resistance ring.

Gustav Von Furst has done all he can to perfect his mask. Neither his family nor his close friends know the truth. Hiding a Jewish girl is the most foolish risk, yet there is something about her that makes him want to protect her.

Eager to forget the outside world, Rebecca and Gustav are caught up in a private world of forbidden passion—until unexpected danger lands on their doorstep and they’re faced with a decision that will change everything. Will love demand a sacrifice too great to give?


Mortified, Rebecca covered her mouth with her hand. “I must be drunk.”

Gustav cocked an eyebrow, his expression a knowing one.

Faces at very close range, she swallowed tightly. “Well, maybe I’m not drunk…”

“It’s all right to enjoy yourself, Becky. Just be yourself. I like you this way.”

“You?” she whispered. “Herr von Furst, the serious journalist, actually likes for me to be silly?”

His answer was to pull her tight against him.

And he didn’t just kiss her.

He enveloped her.

The room was suddenly spinning. And they weren’t even dancing.

How was it possible that in all of tonight’s brisk bouncing, spiraling, and twirling she hadn’t felt as dizzy as she did right now?

She caught a quick, shaky breath when their lips parted a hairbreadth.

“Will you think me horrible, Gustav, if I confess that you make me want you even when I know I shouldn’t?”

His answering kiss was the only response she needed.

For several seconds, Gustav was tempted to tear off that damned provocative dress.  Instead, he took his time, slowly unzipping it while kissing her warm, upturned lips in a way that made Rebecca limper in his arms and his own body harder by the second.

Up until now, he hadn’t been sure what to expect from her tonight, figuring she’d want nothing to do with him after their first negative encounter. And even now, with her consent, he knew he should proceed with care. Rebecca, strong and independent in so many ways, was also emotionally fragile. Besides, she was worth far more than a quickie, more than a brief encounter. She deserved to be touched with adulating finesse.

Lightly rubbing his palm in circles around her bare back, he began kissing her neck, pressing his lips against her fluttering pulse. Trailing farther down to her collarbone, he nuzzled her sweet-smelling-skin, sniffing deeply, entranced by the delicious scent lingering there. Vanilla? Whatever it was, it could make a man absolutely drunk with longing.

Rebecca’s fingers were caressing his head. And her barely audible sighs were proof that he was doing all the right things.

Keeping one arm behind her back, he stooped and slid the other under her knees, lifting her up in his arms. “Our dancing isn’t over tonight, Becky,” he murmured, ducking his chin to barely graze his lips against hers. “I think we might initiate another kind of dance, ja?”

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  1. Hi Alyson! A Beautiful Cage is such an interesting story, and I love the story of your own true life romance.

  2. I'm so glad to be here, Jennifer! Thanks again for having me as a guest :)

  3. Hi, Alison! Thank you! I'm glad you think Rebecca and Gustav's story is interesting! As far as my true life romance is concerned, I think there might be a few parallels between it and the stories I write. Guess it's part of that 'write what you know' theory ;)

  4. Great interview, ladies. Alyson, I love that story about your dh. It's so cute and funny. And Jennifer is right, your cover is GORGEOUS! Congrats on your success and here's to a boatload of sales!

  5. What a lovely interview with a strong vein of freshness to it. Loved the excerpt and am intrigued with your story. Oh, look, my Kindle is smoking...

  6. Thanks so much, AJ! My daughter thinks our story is hilarious. She always asks me how it's possible I didn't like him at first, especially since she claims we act so mushy now! lol

    Kim Mendoza designed my cover, and she did an awesome job matching the layout to the story.

  7. Thanks, Vonnie! Don't you just love the questions Jennifer asked? There were several I haven't been asked before, and I always like that. Makes the interview fun and fresh.

    Ooh! Your Kindle's smoking? Hurry — you'd better download A Beautiful Cage or the whole device might blow up! :D

  8. I KNEW you would say you'd go back in time! You have a zest for history like no one else I know. One of the many reasons your work is so close to your heart, which in turn resonates with the readers.

    I also love how much you love your husband. That, my dear, is an inspiration and the support you twio give each other is fantastic and so important.

    Love learning more about you! No hurry up and release another book!!!

  9. Another great interview, Alyson! I so want this book!

  10. I love the story of you and your dh too! Truly the stuff romance novels are made of!

    Thanks again for being here today. Come back anytime:)

  11. Thanks, Elle! You know me well, don't you? Ha! I'm definitely more historical than futuristic ;)

    I'll try to hurry! And YOU'LL be the first person, besides hubby, to get to read the stories!

  12. Thanks, Susan! I'm so glad you stopped by for this one too! And, believe me, I want you to read it as much as you want to read it :)

  13. And I really appreciate you having me as a guest, Jennifer! I've enjoyed it.

  14. Beautiful cover AND wonderful excerpt! Congratulations on the book.

  15. Your cover is awesome, Alyson. Loved your excerpt and blurb too!

  16. Great interview! I agree--the cover, blurb, excerpt are all intriguing. I also love your real-life romance story.

    Beth Carter
    Author of WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?
    Picture book available at and Amazon

  17. Thank you, Stacey! So glad you loved the excerpt and blurb!

  18. Kim did a fabulous job on the cover, didn't she, Joanna? And I'm really happy you love the excerpt and blurb. Thanks!

  19. Thank you, Beth! I enjoyed answering Jennifer's interesting interview questions. And, of course, I love sharing A Beautiful Cage's excerpt and blurb. So glad you stopped by!