Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Free For All - Meet Jennifer Ann Coffeen!

Hi everyone! Please help me welcome author JENNIFER ANN COFFEEN! Not only do we share a name ;) - but Jennifer is also a Wild Rose Press author. 
Jennifer has brought her release, PRICELESS DECEPTION, a Regency Historical that has an air of suspense. You can learn more about Jennifer and all her work at her website

 Then come on back, grab a cup of coffee - I'm having French Vanilla this morning - and visit with the Jennifers :)

Thanks for being here today, Jennifer!

- Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a tiring jog over hot coals?
Hmmm… I think I have to go with the hot coals one. It took several years to finish Priceless Deception, but that was mostly because of me! Once it was polished and ready for submission I probably queried for 9 months before Wild Rose Press offered me a contract. One agent even asked me to do rewrites, I did, and then she said she wasn’t taking on any more authors! I can’t be too upset about it, those rewrites made the book much better.

- Where is your favorite place to write?
Honestly, my favorite place to write is away from my computer. I love writing with a pen and notebook, for some reason the words flow much easier that way. I tend to write my first drafts by hand and often go back to the pen when I get stuck in a scene. I enjoy writing in coffee shops and the park when I get the chance.

- Do you have critique partners?
Last year I had 4 different writing partners that I met with on a weekly basis. I love critique partners! It’s really helpful to have someone read your work with fresh eyes. They can also help you set goals and work out problems with your scenes.

- Tell us about your real life romance.
My husband and I met as Zombies. We were in a play called “Among the Dead” during our Chicago theater days.  It was great fun, we spent most of our early dates chatting backstage with tons of zombie makeup on. A horror romance perhaps?  It worked for us because we’ve been together for 9 years! We spent our honeymoon in Italy, that was rather romantic too.

- Tell us a little about your WIP. 

I am currently working on a Regency era novella series. The first story centers around Lady Charlotte Mallen who has recently been dumped by the man she worships, and right before the famous Beltane ball! She turns to her old childhood friend for help in getting him back. But perhaps James isn’t as sweet and innocent as he seems…

 - What is your favorite writing conference to attend? 

This year I will be attending the RWA Chicago North Spring Fling. If you’re planning to attend come up and say hello! I love to meet new authors and readers.

“The French Blue diamond must be destroyed.” Haunted by the words of her dying father, Lady Madeline Sinclair arrives for the London Season with more than parties and the latest fashion on her mind. She has sworn a vow, and the beautifully headstrong and fearless Madeline will allow nothing to distract her…until she meets the infamous Lord Colin, Duke of Douglas, a man known for his scandalous past engagement. With a dark grin and stormy eyes, he threatens to make her forget her duty, along with her manners.
Bound together by the mysterious diamond, Madeline and Colin soon succumb to the passion raging between them, even as the diamond eludes their grasp. But the true threat lies in the hands of an enemy whose dangerous obsession with the past has the power to destroy them both.


“I promise not to hit you again,” she replied, forcing a light tone. “If you promise not to throw me to the ground and—”
“And?” One eyebrow shot up.
“Provoke me.”
He laughed then, a full, rich sound that seemed to drop the tension from his face. He was more recognizable now, and Madeline felt her shoulders relax.
“I am sorry,” she added. “My behavior that day was unforgivable. I do hope we can start over as friends, Lord Douglas.”
She held out her hand, the small warning bell in her head quickly silenced.
“It would be my pleasure.” He took the offered fingers, bending slightly to press them against his lips. Not a trace of impropriety, but a sigh caught in her throat all the same, and she held it there, no longer breathing.
In the back of her mind she knew this was not a good idea. She knew perfectly well she should invent some excuse, run straight back into the ballroom and discuss Lady Farris’s flowers. She didn’t move.
“And since we are already intimately acquainted, I must insist you call me Colin.”
“Colin,” she said, finally exhaling so the name rushed out in a breathless tone. She wildly searched her mind for something else to say but never managed a word.
Colin pulled her to him, the kiss as much a surprise as her own response to it. Madeline’s body instantly betrayed her, melting against the strong arms that held her until she had lost all sense of her earlier outrage. The world fell away, leaving nothing but Colin’s searing lips blistering her own—and the faint smell of lilacs.



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  2. Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for an interesting article (you met your hubby as zombies?????) and congrats on getting PD accepted. It sounds like a fantastic little story.


  3. Yeah :) Hello Jennifer and Jennifer. I enjoyed reading about your writing journey and that you and your dh met as zombies. Quite unique. And I really like the sound of Priceless Deception.

  4. Hi Jen and Jenn. Back to try to comment again. Cos I enjoyed this post so much and love you guys!

  5. Yea! Blogger is working! I'm so excited I don't know where to start. Thanks for hosting me today Jennifer, it's been fun.

    My husband and I did indeed meet as zombies. You know it had to be true love because we would go out after the show with make-up and fake blood still in our hair!

  6. What a fun way to meet your true love. I enjoyed the blurb and excerpt.Good interview Jennifer and Jennifer.

  7. Hello to both Jennifers. I enjoyed the interview and love the cover.

  8. Well this is the time of year to reflect on zombies. The book Priceless Daughter sounds wonderful.

  9. Your book sounds wonderful. I like a little suspense thrown in to make it interesting. Great interview and Congratulations on your release.

  10. Great excerpt. Liked hearing about your real life zombie romance too. lol!

  11. Nice to 'meet' you, Jennifer and Jennifer! The zombie story is a great one to enterain your kids & grandkids - a couple of generations in the future, someone is going to be telling the story of how their great-great grandparents were zombies when they met and some writer is going to get a great story idea... :-)
    Loved the excerpt - another one for my TBR pile!

  12. I love my romance with a bit of mystery. Your book sounds like great fun! Glad I'm able to leave a comment now....:)

  13. Lovely to see writers still using pen and paper. I used to love it but get very few chances now. More time-efficient to use the Macbook at home.

    I enjoyed the excerpt, Jennifer. Good luck with your release! :-)

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    I enjoyed the post. You met your husband as a zombie-- I love it!

    I wish you lots of success with your book. I love romance and a mystery only adds to it.

  16. Love is dead--at least in your and your husband's case. Great story about your real-life romance. Very romantic and inspiring. Great excerpt!

  17. Thanks so much for being my guest, Jennifer! And thanks to everyone who kept trying to post until they got thru:)

  18. What a good blurb, Jennifer! Good luck with the release. The story sounds intriguing.

  19. Hi Jennifers,

    I love the zombie meet story. That has to come up in a book unique!

    J.A.C. - Hope to see you at a C-N meeting soon!!

  20. I agree! You have to write a book on meeting your hubby as a zombie. I hear zombies are in...vamps, werewolves and witches are out. How perfect is your timing? Fantastic blurb and great interview, Jenn L.
    Good job, ladies.
    Lori Leger