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Friday Fun: Meet Author Lori Leger!

I'm thrilled to welcome my friend and sister Ass Cheek Angel, LORI LEGER to the blog! I met Lori in Orlando and the 2010 RWA conference. Lori has brought two of her releases for us today.
You can find out about Lori and all her writing at her website
then come on back and join us for a chat.

Thanks for being here today, Lori! :)

Hey Jennifer, thanks for inviting me!

What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions? I know my characters inside and out, and I've been told I'm pretty darn good at the emotional scenes. My downfall is definitely natural tendency for happily-ever-afters becomes a hindrance sometimes. That's where my critique partners come in handy telling me something came about a little too easily. Then I go in and add something to throw a wrench in the works. No, she can’t leave him with a smile on his face...she has to leave him wondering if she’ll ever speak to him again.

Do you have critique partners? Definitely. Karen Burns from West Houston RWA is my newest partner and I think I've found my writing soul mate! My daughter in law, Trish is my go to girl. My co-worker/friends at my other job have seen my writing skills morph into something readers can appreciate. Though they don't know everything about the mechanics of writing, their opinions as to whether or not something will work have never let me down.

What music are you listening to lately? Country....always country music. I went to a Trace Adkins concert recently and got to see that long, tall, drink of water up close and personal. Yes, ladies...he's that good looking up close...but...I digress. I bought an autographed CD and that's what's in my car's player right now. My favorite song on it is "Days Like This". So mellow. Oh yeah, I also like Adele even though she's not nearly as good to look at.

Tell us about your real life romance. Ah...if any of you read Some Day Somebody, there are some amazing parallels to Sam and Carrie's story. After 17 years in a bad marriage, which I walked away from with three teenagers and very little else, I started a new career as a computer drafter. Mike was a surveyor there, and it definitely was NOT love at first sight. I joined the car pool and, just like in the story, he made me late for work my second day on the job. I was not happy at all, and let him know about it. Eventually, we discovered we had some things in common. He'd been single for nearly a year and was hating it...just like Sam. He was so funny, and after becoming good friends first, we starting dating. A year later, we were married and seventeen years after that, he's still making me laugh...MOST of the time, anyway.

How likely are people you meet to end up in your next book? LOL! If they have any idiosyncrasy that makes them stand out in a crowd...extremely likely!

If you were going to cast the hero of your book, what actor would you get to play the part? Ed Harris for Sam, and an actor called Nick Ballard from my home state of Louisiana for Jackson Broussard. Tall, black hair, blue eyes, he's gorgeous. Check out my website to see the page titled Men of Louisiana to see a picture of him and I think you'll agree.

Tell us a little about your WIP. It's called Hart's Desire and it's a prequel to the third book in my series, Brown Eyed Girl. It's about a teen aged couple back in the seventies, who are kept apart by their parents when she gets pregnant her senior year in high school. Her parents force her to give the child up for adoption, even though she doesn't want to and her boyfriend has no idea about the pregnancy. The real story begins when the couple meets again thirty years later and the hero finds out he's a father.

Blurb for Some Day Somebody
Carrie Jeansonne is single again, with three teenagers in tow, a new career, and searching for a little serenity. What she finds instead is another chance for laughter, and the kind of love she never knew existed, with her new co-worker…Sam Langley.Can the two of them forge a path to happiness in a maze of intrigue and heartbreak before it's too late for them? Or will the mysterious caller who's after Carrie ruin her chance for a happily ever after?

Excerpt from Some Day Somebody

           “Listen, Sam. I’m newly divorced and I’ve got three kids to think about. If you’re just looking for someone to take to bed—”
His hand flew up to stop her mid-sentence. “That’s not what this is about. I’m not interested in a fling. I think you’re a brave, beautiful lady, and I'm impressed as hell at what you’ve accomplished.” He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and tapped the heel of his work boot on the asphalt track. “I’ll be honest with you,” he said, his voice steady. “I never thought I’d have the heart to try this again. But there’s something about you that makes me want to risk it.”
“Sam, I’m not sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.”
“I know you,” he admitted. “I know your favorite food in the world is boiled crawfish, your favorite dessert is homemade banana pudding. You despise daylight savings time. Your favorite color is burgundy, and you look good in it, but you look even better in forest green. I know your favorite song is ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips, but you used to cry every time you heard it because you felt like they wrote it for you. Every Christmas you make it a point to watch A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and the old version of A Christmas Carol.” He pulled his hands from his pockets and grabbed the back of his neck, elbows forward, as he released his breath in a long, slow hiss. “I’m screwing this up, I know I am.”
Carrie stepped forward to place a hand on his arm. “No, you’re not, and I’m flattered. And maybe once I’m in my new place I can think about it, but my life is too complicated right now—too many unanswered questions to take a step like that. I need to learn to be alone with me for awhile.”
She lifted her hands and dropped them again. “All I can do is to ask you to be patient.” She stared up him, her pulse quickening, as the drums re-established the rhythm in her ears. She had to dig deep for the courage to continue, but she couldn’t stop now. “So, in the meantime, if you find someone else, well, I’d understand if you didn’t want to wait around until I’m ready,” she finished, her voice trailing off to a whisper.
She watched, nervous as a crawfish next to a pot of boiling water, as Sam pulled himself up to his full height. She sucked in her breath and held it. He’s going to say he can’t waste his time waiting on me. She heard him take a deep breath, as though to calm himself. He couldn’t possibly be as nervous as she was. Could he?
“You know, Carrie,” he said, finally, drawing out the four syllables in a slow, seductive manner. “I haven’t always been a patient man—”
Carrie nearly fainted as he stretched out his long, sinewy arm to place a light touch on the tip of her nose.
“—but something tells me you’d be worth the wait.”
The breath whooshed out of her lungs in a rush. Vibrating with nervous tension, she put her hand up to stop him when he tried to say more.
“Don’t,” she said, shaking her head slowly. “There’s nothing you could possibly say to top that.” Carrie backed carefully away from the man, wishing for once, she could afford to let go of her inhibitions. His one-sided grin caused that single dimple to reappear, making her crave to cover it with a slow, lingering kiss. She turned away from the man who stood staring down at her as though she were the best thing since chicken and biscuits.

Blurb for Last First Kiss
      After Giselle Granger's husband dies in a tragic accident, she's left with their two young daughters, and struggling for the strength to live in a world without him.
When Jackson Broussard loses his wife in the same accident, he finds himself free of the woman whose lies and manipulations have made his marriage a living hell. He feels bound to the past by his desire to do right by his friend's widow and children even though Giselle makes it clear she does not want his help.
Can the two former co-workers leave their pasts behind in order to forge a new future together? Or will they be left with nothing more than a last first kiss and two broken hearts?
Excerpt from Last First Kiss
Giselle closed the gap between them. “I’m amazed at you, Jackson. Is there anything you can’t do? You sing, you dance, you played baseball, and you design fantastic grottos. Your uncle says you’re a natural horseman, not to mention the excellent engineering work you do. Is there anything else I should know about?”
“I may have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I guess you’ll have to stick around if you want to find out.”
“I’m extremely impatient. How long are we talking about?”
He shrugged and gave her one of those sexy as hell lopsided grins.
“How long was that?” She inched closer as James Otto’s sultry voice piped out Last First Kiss, one of the sexiest freaking songs she’d ever heard.
He gazed down at her, looking as though he was damn close to losing control. “I didn’t say.”
But damn close wasn’t close enough for Giselle. She reached out a single nailed finger to trace from above his breastbone all the way down to the waistband of his suit. The look on his face was well worth her rare act of bravado. “What’s wrong Jackson? You look surprised.”
Jackson sucked in his breath and lifted both hands, in surrender. “Hey, you’re the one in control. You’re supposed to tell me when you’re ready.”
“Maybe I’m ready for just a little more.” She hooked her finger into the waistband of his swimming trunks and pulled it toward her. Before she could look down for a peek, he grabbed her hand and pulled it away.
Jackson backed her up against the smooth surface of the wall then grabbed her hands and laced his fingers through hers. He raised them above her head, one on each side, effectively pinning her against the wall. Leaning forward, he brushed his mouth against her neck just below her left ear.
Her pulse quickened at the feel of his warm breath on her dampened skin. Instead of kissing her neck as she expected him to, he raised his head to speak softly in her ear.
“I have to tell you, Hon, I don’t mind a little teasing every now and then, but I’m no masochist, and I’m sure as hell no saint. Here lately, being around you is agony.”
“What’s the matter big boy?” she gasped, trying to lighten the mood. “You afraid it’s going to stunt your growth?”
The look Jackson gave her revealed he hadn’t found much humor in this particular situation. 
“What is it you want from me Giselle?” he whispered hoarsely. “I think you know how much I want you, but I need to know how far you’re willing to take this little game of yours.”
Giselle stared into the depths of his hooded eyes, dark with desire. “In time...all the way, but we’re not alone here, Jackson.”
“Red’s a grown man and knows better than to bother us. It’s dark back here.” He brushed his mouth lightly against hers.
She closed her eyes, ready to abandon all will, ready to give him whatever he asked of her.

Some Day Somebody: Book 1 of La Fleur de Love Series
Now available at Amazon
Last First Kiss: Book 2 of La Fleur de Love Series
Also Available at Amazon:


  1. Wow! Great excerpts to both books. (And a good interview, BTW.) Can't decide which to read first.....;)
    Good luck with all your endeavors, Lori.

  2. Wow Lori! Great excerpts :) So proud of you and wish you all the success in the world!

  3. Thanks for stopping by today ladies! I'm pretty sure Lori can't use the computer at her evil day job, so she'll probably stop by tonight.

  4. Ok...Uh, hello? More please? I went to check out the men on your site, read all those teases and came back for yet more punishment! I demand MORE!

    Love these stories Lori! Thanks fro bringing them along. Jenn- excellent. Can she bring another excerpt? Oh- hey, I know. She can start at chapter one, book one and do an excerpt a day until we've read them all! Not much for sales, but I'll be a happy camper! lol

  5. Lori, I Love both excerpts, and I can't wait to read the full stories. Best of luck with them. Actually, I like Calisa's suggestion.LOL.

    Great job on the interview,Jenn and Lori.You've fulfilled the commandement of every writer--aways leave'em wanting more.

  6. Oh....Jen was right! My evil day job doesn't allow me to check either my writing email or any blogs...Shame on the state of Louisiana! Lol! I'm thrilled to be here and than you all for the wonderful comments. Lynda, start with book 1, Some Day Somebody...they both stand alone, but it's a time thing. Calisa, I'd love to give you more, but at some point I have to actually MAKE a buck or two. lol! If it's any consolation, Hart's Desire will be a FREE download! So glad you ladies liked the excerpts and I'm having such a blast with these blogs! I don't sweat OR break out in hives, either. :)

  7. Oops...sorry! I'M Cajunflair.