Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friday Fun: Meet Elke O'Donnell

Please help me welcome my friend and fellow Ass Cheek Angel, Elke O'Donnell !
I was lucky enough to meet Elke at the RWA 2010 conference. She is a regular blogger at the Ass Cheek Angel blog. You can learn more about Elke at her website 
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Thanks for being here today, Elke!

What is the most difficult for you to write: Characters, conflict, emotions?
Characters, specifically male characters. I find it challenging to write male POVs without letting my feminine side take over.
How likely are people you meet to end up in your next book?
Very likely. I’m a people watcher whether it’s at a distance in the coffee shop or someone I’m talking to. If something about them jumps out at me in their personality or mannerisms, they usually end up as one of my characters.   
Tell us a little about your WIP.
My current project is:
For the Love of Jazz
To launch her restoration architecture company, Josie Fagan must convince Patrick Pullman she’s the only one who can restore his unique 1940s bungalow. She gets more than she bargains for when a condition of the contract is that she stays at the house with him, and what Patrick Pullman wants, Patrick Pullman gets…
She feels an immediate connection not only to Patrick and his house, but to the previous tenants, Patrick’s uncle and his lover, Lola, who disappeared fifty years ago. Is the attraction between Patrick and Josie real, are Lola and William still acting out their unfinished lives or is the just haunted?
Patrick Pullman doesn’t believe in ghosts or that his house is haunted, but when he starts having visions of Lola; maybe Josie isn’t crazy after all. Will they find out the truth before she disappears too?
“I want you stay at the house during the renovations and not take on any other jobs until mine is done.”  
“What?” He couldn’t be serious. She searched his face. He was. “Why do I need to stay at the house?”
“I need this project finished in ten months and that will mean having you close to discuss design and restoration changes. Living at the house is the best option and also eliminates the risk of theft.” He leaned back in his chair. “Room and board is free. You don’t want to waste money your business needs, do you?”
Damn, he knew about her finances and was going to play hard ball. She had no intention of letting him use it against her or backing down. She was the best candidate and they both knew it. If she wasn’t he would have hired another company. “I want a flattering personal reference,” she countered.
A cocky grin curved his lips. “Then I want guarantees.”
She held his gaze.
“You’ll get your reference if you meet my ten month deadline, if I’m satisfied with the quality of the work, and if the job comes within budget.” He moved his chair back into the upright position.
“That will not include changes you make to my original estimate or if you select inferior products,” she added quickly. 
His smile broadened and his boyish dimple winked at her. 
Was he enjoying this?
Damn him, he was! 
She didn’t like it one bit. He was taking away the control she wanted, needed to have. The excitement she felt when he agreed to hire her vanished. The masculine atmosphere that had floated in the air like cheap cologne when she arrived squeezed around her to uncomfortable. 
“Do we have a deal?” His confident tone implied he knew the answer.

What is your favorite time of year?
Definitely Winter. In Cayman we don’t have seasonal changes in the traditional sense, but between November and February the temperature is cool and windy. Christmas lights, and decorations go up in the stores and in people’s houses and everyone is a little nicer and friendlier than any other time of the year.
Tropical or European vacation?
Without a doubt European. I love learning about other cultures and places that are very different from mine.
Thanks for hosting me, Jennifer and for being such a wonderful supporter.
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