Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Fun: Meet Author Kellie Kamryn!

Please help me welcome my dear friend and fellow Wild Rose Press author, KELLIE KAMRYN. Kellie is on fire this year with 3 (!!!) releases.
You can find out all about Kellie and her wonderful writing and poetry at her site

Then come on back and chat with us! :)

Hi Kellie! Thanks so much for being here today.

1- Was your road to publication a delightful stroll in the park or a tiring jog over hot coals?
Well, it wasn't a delightful stroll but it was far from a walk on hot coals! Sure it's had it's trying times, but over the past couple of years, I've gained so much support from other writers it has been great. When I get down about something, there is always someone there to give me a lift. 
2- Where is your favorite place to write?At a secluded place. Since I don't have that- at my computer in my living room. 
3- Do you have critique partners? Yes, I do and I should be kissing the ground she walks on ;) Jennifer is the greatest.(Aw, thanks!) I also have a few other of my fellow Ass Cheek Angels that have taken the time to read my work and they've all brought something valuable to me. 
4- Tell us about your real life romance.There isn't much to tell - yet. *wink* But let's say that after separating from my husband, I'm enjoying life again and getting used to doing a lot of things on my own. I'm very happy right now. 

  5-  If you were going to cast the hero of your book, what actor would get the part?
Depends which book! In Rebound, book 1 in the Love and Balance series which comes out in the New Year, it would be Tom Welling of Smallville fame. In Book 3 it would be Jenson Ackles. An out of shape Chris Hemsworth could pass as Sam from Monkeys, Sex and Other Birthday Surprises. 
6- Do you believe in love at first sight? Lust at first sight - yes! LOL Love is something you can't help and you feel it when you feel it. You could feel it right away for someone, or it might take some time and then suddenly you see someone in a different light. Love is an amazing thing and definitely has the power to heal. And it does sneak up on you when you least expect it ;)
7- What is your favorite dessert/food? Lindt Chocolate Peanut Butter balls 

Pleasure Island
After finalizing her divorce, Chelsea Hunter came to the resort island of Paradise for some peace and quiet so she could figure out what her next step would be. She hadn’t expected to find herself at an exotic hotel dedicated to pleasures of the flesh. Too bad she doesn’t want sex. 

Jake Davis is back in Paradise after visiting a year ago when his own marriage fell apart. This time his fantasy is to guide a woman through her sexual journey. He hadn’t counted on being paired with the only woman in Paradise who prefers privacy over pleasure! 

Will Jake be able to discover what Chelsea truly needs, or will their journey to Paradise remain

Going for Gold -   It was an office Christmas party filled with sexual tension. Gymnastics coach Grant Howard couldn’t keep his eyes off the newly-hired cheerleader coach. And sultry Teena Adams felt the same way, the “rah-rah-rahs” she felt were cheers of unbridled lust. From punch and cookies to sexual escapades gym apparatus, you’ll never look at Christmas parties or a trampoline the same way again. It’s winner-take-all, when lovers are Going for Gold.

Monkeys, Sex and Other Birthday Surprises
Missy Harder is reluctant to ruin a good thing and meet with her on-line lover, Sam Kentley, in person. Sam is dying to see if the connection they have is real. Humiliated in front of Sam by her brother’s pet capuchin at her surprise birthday party, she wants nothing more than to be left alone. But when Sam refuses to leave her to her misery, they both learn that humor will get you through anything, and sometimes great sex and love sneak up on you when you least expect it. 


  1. Thanks for having me today Jenn! You are a great friend. HUGS I'll pop in throughout the day to answer comments :)

  2. Your books sound like great fun! I laughed out loud at the "Monkeys" title. :) And Yum! on the those chocolate peanut butter balls.

    Do you plot your books out, or let the story unfold as you write? Congratulations on the three releases!

  3. Glad to have you here, Kellie! And you're welcome back anytime :)

  4. Wow, Kellie! Three releases this year! Way to go! I'm always excited if I can manage one a year...very impressive on your part.


  5. Great interview, ladies!! Loved the questions, Jennifer.

    Kellie, I don't know how you do what you do. AND three publications all in a row. Best of luck.


  6. Gillian - I do a few plot points but mostly I take an idea and let my characters tell the story. I find if I overplot, it kills it for me!

    Debra & Barb - I hadn't planned to release 3 at the same time, and these stories were accepted at different times, LOL Everything just kind of happened at once!

    Thank you all for stopping by and thanks again Jenn for having me as your guest today :) HUGS

  7. Gillian - glad you like the Monkeys...title! The publisher originally thought of changing it, but glad we kept it as it has been eyecatching and made people wonder enough to buy it. LOL